The best and the worst cell phones from the 80s and 90s.

Dynamic adaptive total area coverage is an abbreviation of DynaTAC.The DynaTAC 8000X is the world’s first hand portable phone.

There were different phones for the US and UK when the 8000 series was developed.The brick was no longer fashionable by the mid 90s, but it still had a reputation for being strong and people in the building trade liked to use these phones.

In the 80s and 90s, a number of phones were sold as carphones or as portables.The International 1000 was the first digital phone and it was portable.

The phones were more down market than the portable cousins.

The International 3200 was the second phone from the company.There was a short run of bricks phones in the International series.They were the UK’s most popular phones.

The 9800X was the first in the MicroTAC series.It was the first phone that didn’t look like a housebrick and quickly became a status symbol for those that could afford it.

The range of flip phones made by the company included PCN versions for One2One and Orange.There were flip phones that didn’t have the flip.

The range of StarTAC phones ranged from expensive high status items to cheaper versions for the Orange and One2One networks.

The Personal phone was the first consumer phone.It was only used for emergencies.For the first PAYG deals, Motorola made bargain basement handsets.

Two new series of phones were launched in 1999.The v-series is for fashion conscious consumers.