The Big White Tree with the Peeling Bark is one of the popular white bark trees.

I was recently asked if I knew why the bark on American sycamore falls off.While walking around the outdoor exhibits this winter with a camera in hand, I have been taking photos of trees to use in a series of mini-field guides.I wanted to start with trees without leaves.This is a good time to get in at least one of those mini-guides.

The American sycamore is one of the easiest trees to identify.It is hard to miss and appreciate the white upper bark of the trees in the forest.

There is a tree in the bottomlands.There are many sycamores growing along the banks of the River Birch.It grows next to the Wetlands and in the swamp between Explore the Wild and Catch the Wind.The tree is planted in the city but its roots are near the water.

There are different types of bark at the base of the trunk of trees.This is taken to the extreme by the sycamore.

There is a tree on the right.Follow the bark up to the top.It is typical gray bark.As you scroll up, you will see that the darker bark begins to break off and become white at the top of the tree.

The bark of the tree varies in color from gray, brown, and green.

Why do sycamores lose their bark?Why does the bark peel off when it’s cold?I have wondered that myself, but not long or hard enough to find out…until now.

Trees have bark to help protect them from drying out and insects, as well as birds and disease.All trees have bark that is specific to them.The bark of the flowering dog is called alligator bark.The bark of the Pine is similar to the one on the dried lake bed.There are big, gray pieces of bark sticking out from the trunk.The bark on the upper portion of the tree is white.

sycamores shed bark the same way a tree does.People who study trees have suggested everything from the tree’s favored habitat to photosynthesis.Most of the theories I have read seem to be sound reasons for the bark shed habit.There is no definitive answer to the question of why this tree behaves the way it does.

It may be easier for you to read the answers from another source than it is for me to quote them.The Daily Plant tried to answer the question of why sycamore sheds its bark through an interview with the Professor of Forest Ecology at Penn State University.

Back to the identification of the tree.Many fruit balls that dangle from the branches will do it if the bark doesn’t nail down the ID of the tree.

The fruit are soft to the touch and hang from the tree throughout the winter.

The Explore the Wild stop is midway down the boardwalk.If you look left at the Animal Footprints Exhibit, you will see an example of an American Sycamore with all of the features described above.You have the same amount of degrees to your right.If you look to your right, you will see a slim, straight sycamore which is green all the way to the crown.Why is this tree green and not white?Maybe that one will have to wait another day.

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The bark of a sycamore will start to turn white at a certain age.The trees I have are young and have green bark.

I don’t know the answer to the question of when the sycamores turn white.I have seen two trees of the same age, one of which has white upper branches and the other green, but they are only thirty feet apart.The upper branches and trunk will begin to whiten once the main trunk is at least 12 inches in diameter.

The door of the tree is splitting and there is a crack in it.

It is difficult to say what is going on with the tree.I would appreciate it if you could send a picture [email protected]

I live in Pennsylvania.Surrounded by mountains.Many trees are dying.It seems from top to bottom that they are by water.They are all different types of trees.Do you know what is wrong with these trees?

Can you send a picture of the trees?Are you talking about the deciduous?On the map, you are in between the ridges west of Harrisburg, any nat gas drilling going there?Send pictures.

My sons planted one each on arbor day 20 years ago and they are now over 50 tall.I have never seen it shed so much.We had a storm with straight line winds up to 90 mph about six weeks ago and lost some big limbs in the process along with having to cut some off with a chainsaw which I would think would cause a growing spret.I’m wondering if a sudden growth spurt could cause shed, like buying a 10 year old clothes and they out grow them as fast as you can buy them.

I don’t know if a quick spurt in growth would cause more shed, but in theory it would be a good thing.Thanks.

I saw a group of white trees with patchy bark while driving through Rouge Park in Detroit.Thank you for your explanation.

When I had a tree house built around mine in 2008, I didn’t think about the trunk of the large, mature sycamore continuing to grow.The gap in the flooring has been filled by a tree.Is there a chance that other areas will grow around the framing, like in the roof, or is my tree house doomed?

I can’t tell you what will happen to your tree house, but it will grow as long as it’s alive.There is more of a height limit than there is a girth limit.There is a tree near Waynesville, NC that is 136 feet tall and 268 inches wide, which is 22.3 feet in circumference.There is a stump of a dead sycamore in Indiana that is 57 feet in diameter and was knocked over by a storm.Good luck!

I tried several sites to identify but mostly leaf ID’s.I recycle trees in my fireplace or neighbors with woodstoves, and the ash goes to my compost.I want to know how hard A.S. is before I light up.?

sycamore is ok to burn, not the best, but it will produce a moderate amount of heat.Let it dry out and make sure you season it.It probably won’t be ready before next winter if you cut it now.Good luck.

We have a lot of these trees in our neighborhood, but I couldn’t figure out what was causing them to lose their bark.I could not identify them because they were white where the bark was gone.Thanks for clearing up the mystery for me.

My pleasure, Elizabeth.Despite being associated with wet areas, these trees have been planted all over the country.How many towns and cities have a street?Thanks.