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The appliance is single use.Parenthacker wouldn't own one, right?I own the Crock-Pot Little Dipper, a slow cooker that holds 1.5 cups of food.

I got it as a gift and haven't been able to give it away because I never used it.I am not a hot dip kind of gal.

I am a hot oatmeal kind of gal.The Little Dipper can be used to serve a single serving of oatmeal.

I inquired about other uses for the Little Dipper, and many came back.

The recipe for chicken taco filling she made in the Little Dipper consisted of 2 chicken breasts, 1 cup of water, and a packet of taco seasoning.She uses a regular 1.5 quart slow cooker for this recipe.Her comment is below.Ed.]

On the Parent Hacks Facebook page, Teri suggested steeping orange slices with spices to make the house smell good.Jody keeps melted wax hot for batik.There are a lot of Little Dipper recipes on A Year of Slow Cooking.

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My husband is a carpenter and on some job sites there is no microwave to cook leftovers.He said it was perfect after he put in his food an hour or two before lunch.

Oh, whoops!I didn't know the Little Dipper was so small.The recipe for chicken taco filling is not compatible with a 1.5CUP cooker.My apologies!

I wonder if you could use it as a bottle warmer.Is that a way to scald breastmilk if you have excess lipase?This is useful to a small segment of the population.Still...

You can use a bottle warmer to scald milk and learn more about excess lipase.

The company is missing out on a lot of people when it comes to using the Little Dipper.When I forget the stove is on, I cause a few burnt pots and ruined food.My older sister was forbidden from using her stove for a while before she moved to an assisted living facility.I got a Little Dipper, started experimenting with it, and it's a fun one for me to do my own cooking.Slow cooking in very reduced sizes plus the elimination of a lot of leftovers is what I like to do, but I have a notebook to remind me of the recipes I use.It doesn't matter if I forget the Dipper or not.I bake potatoes and small pieces of meat, leaving the lid cracked a bit, and even layer ingredients, like chicken with stuffing.A large round potholder is needed on top of the lid to cook.I baked potatoes yesterday and started a vegetable soup last night before going to bed.It was turned off around 3 AM.The company needs to come up with an insulated lid if they want to cater to old people who like to cook their own meals.I appreciate the alternative to forgetting the stove burners, as our numbers are increasing.Bon appetit!There is a person named Katie.

At my daycare, they use one as a bottle warmer.It stays on all day and they pop the bottles in as needed.

I am a hot dip kind of guy.The only thing I have ever used my little dipper for is to serve up a buffalo chicken dip that I stumbled on years ago here:

People demand the recipe when I bring it to an event.

There you go, a hot dip advocate.I might have to try it some day.I partake in the warm artichoke dip when it is available.A lot.

I use it all the time for a single serving of whole grains.When you are out of town, I put in 1/2 to 1/2 cups of rice, barley, wheat berries, amaranth, or kamut, and set it on a timer.It is ready for lunch.walnuts are good, canned beans will split, and you can use other stuff.Make a nice tea by draining off extra liquid.

It is perfect for herb- infused oils because it only goes to the warm setting.I bought one for that purpose and will experiment tomorrow.

I am trying to find the right proportions for steel-cut oatmeal.Is they posted anywhere?Is anyone willing to share?Please?Oatmeal weather is waning here in the desert.

We cut oats every night.I add pumpkin seeds and coconut oil to my oats and water.She cooks all night and is wonderful in the morning.I used to own a wolfgang 1.5 cup cooker, but can't find one anymore.The one we wore out.Anyone know where to find one?I have a 1.5 quart one and it dries out the oats in the am.!

I recall that it was 1 part oatmeal to 4 parts liquid.Not much in the Little Dipper!

The setting for the crock-pot little dipper is between 165 and 175.crock pots have a max temp of 215.

I use it to keep almond bark smooth and melted.Allow them to set on wax paper.It's easy and always a hit.

1/2 small pepper, 1/2 onion, 6 ounces of mushroom pasta sauce, and 1 to 1 1/2 chicken breast.Chicken can be put in the crock pot.If chicken is cut into cubes, you can move the pieces and have less empty space.The rest of ingredients should be on top of the chicken.Set it for 4 hours.A nice little slow cooker is a plug and go appliance.When you get home after work, make some pasta and eat the chickencacciatore.

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