The Florida Department of Boating and Waterways has a temporary certificate program.

FWC will no longer accept or approve new paper provider contract applications on July 17, 2019.For more information, see below.

The Boater Education Law was passed in 1996 and the Temporary Certificate Program was established to help people comply with it.A boating safety identification card is required for a person to operate a boat in Florida.

You may take the exam online if you check the list of vendors that issue paper temporary certificates.

One online boating safety education provider, Boat Ed, has completed the process to offer the exam online.The online exam and study materials can be found on the Boat Ed website.The examinees can either take the exam or use study materials.Additional information can be found on the Boat Ed website.

The original design of the TCP was for new vessel owners.Personal watercraft rental facilities and other liveries have been included in the program over the years.The exam was only available in paper form.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission amended Rule 68D-36.108, Florida Administrative Code, “Florida Boater Education Temporary Certificate Program” to allow for the exam to be offered as an online examination.The rule can be found on the Florida Department of State website.

Reducing the burden on liveries whose customers need to comply with the boating safety education requirements is a goal of the FWC.If the requirements are met, the provider will create a system that will allow access to the exam using tablets, laptops, or other electronic devices.

randomly selected from a large bank of questions, the online exam will have 25 questions.If a person passes the exam, they will be given an electronic temporary certificate showing their successful completion and passing score.The prospective renter can be inspected by a livery prior to renting to make sure they have met boating safety education requirements.It is valid for 90 days.When operating a vessel in Florida, the law enforcement officer should be able to inspect the TC with a photo ID.

The impact on current exam providers is small.The requirements are the same.If their contract and insurance are valid, they can still purchase and administer the paper exams.

FWC will no longer accept or approve new paper provider contract applications on July 17, 2019.Paragraph (2) of the temporary certificate program contract will allow paper providers with current contracts to renew their contracts after that time.The contract language is copied below.

The contract will end after three (3) years.By mutual agreement of the parties, the Contract can be renewed for more than one term.Proof of insurance and a valid occupational license are required for renewal.The CONTRACTOR must submit this information with a letter stating their intent to extend the Contract at least 60 days prior to the end of the contract.

Current proof of insurance, current valid occupational license, and a letter notifying the Commission of the contractor’s intent to renew the contract at least 60 days before their contract expires will be required for providers to remain in the program.The 60-day time frame has passed and any submission after that will not be considered for renewal or approval.The applications will be considered for approval if they are submitted before July 17, 2019.

Whether a company is a provider of the paper exam or not, FWC encourages them and their tenants to use the new online exam.