The guide to the best massage chairs in Singapore in 2021.

One of the best decisions you can make is getting a massage chair.You can get a massage at any time of the day.In Singapore, where massages cost a bomb, you will save thousands of dollars every year.Which brand of massage chairs should you get?We did the research for you.You can buy massage chairs in Singapore.

16 years ago, Novita started in Singapore.They have grown into a top home appliance brand in 16 years.Novita is known for high-quality and dependable products.As a result of their expertise in making the home a better and more comfortable place, Novita has started developing massage chairs.

Every single time you sit in the Novita MC9000i Massage Chair, you will get a luxurious experience.You will be able to experience a massage on your neck, shoulders, back, arms, hips, calves and feet.There are 32 different programs to choose from and you don't need to modify them.Every single day, you will find one that is just right for your body and mood.

The Novita MC9000i has some additional functions that you will enjoy.You will be able to enjoy a massage when you lie down in zero gravity mode.Hot stone therapy uses heat to soothe and relax tired muscles.If you get the amazing Novita MC9000i, your tired body will thank you.

The Novita MC3200 Massage Chair has a beautifully-crafted modern design.It looks like art.It will be a focal point in your home.It will work in a space-constrained home because it is designed with compactness in mind.

The Novita MC3200 is an excellent massage chair.There are five different massage techniques that you can use.No part of your body will be missed because of the 22 air bags around the massage chair.It's perfect for a tired body and mind.

The Miuvo MiuDelight Massage Chair is an excellent creation by the brand.There is a new entrant into the massage chair category.They have a loyal following who love their value-for-money and high-quality products.You won't have to pay over the top prices for a massage device if you use the Miuvo brand.

The Miuvo MiuDelight V2 comes in three different colors.The sleek massage chair is designed for the Singaporean home.It's perfect for homes of any size.

There are four massage styles that you can choose from.Every mode is designed to allow your body to relax and allow the stresses of the day to be released.The zero-gravity function reclines the massage chair to a sleeping position.This value-for-money price on the Miuvo MiuDelight is the ultimate relaxation massage chair.

You can control the intensity of the massage based on your pain tolerance with the Miuvo MiuDivine V3 Massage Chair.A more effective massage can be achieved by covering your entire body.You can give yourself up for massage therapy with the zero-gravity recline.Choose from four different programs that are specially designed by leading therapists so that your body ache and soreness are miles from the end of a long day.The V3 Massage Chair is available for purchase today.

Osim is a Singaporean brand that has gone global.It has grown from strength to strength.You will most likely associate a massage chair with Osim.Osim massage devices have gone worldwide because of the distribution network.

The OSIM UDivine V is a massage chair.The massage chair stimulates a real-life massage by following the motions and movements of a masseuse.How is it done?OSIM uses roller balls which can move up to 720 degrees.

There are many massage programs you can choose from.The 4-handed massages stimulated 2 masseuses to massage you at the same time.New programs can be downloaded to your chair so you can have new massage experiences.

The OSIM uDivine V is a massage chair that is closest to a real-life massage.

It can be expensive to have a massage chair.The Miuvo KneadMaster Massager can be used to convert your chairs into back and neck massagers.As long as it has a back, it is compatible with any chair.Most of the benefits of a massage chair can be enjoyed in the cheapest way possible.

It can massage the back and neck.The neck massage can be adjusted to massage the right areas.It comes with heat therapy that improves your blood circulation.

If you want to become the envy of your colleagues, you can either bring it to your office or put it at home.The KneadMaster Massager is an excellent alternative that will save you a lot of money.

The Gintell DéSpace Star-X uses artificial intelligence to create the perfect massage experience.The massage chair is powered by the Artificial Intelligence Senses Technology.Thanks to its Voice Intelligence Technology, you can control the chair with just your voice.

There are 8 different styles of massages that can be provided by this chair.There are 12 different healthcare programs that you can choose from for aholistic massage experience.The Chiro-Stretch stretches your body to a 230 that will relieve any pains in your neck, shoulder or back.The DéSpace Star-X also includes a palm and feet massage.

One of the best massage chairs you can buy is the Gintell DéSpace Star-X.In just one massage session, it will ease any pains in your body.Today is the day to check it out.

Ogawa has more than 800 stores in North America, Europe and Asia.In Singapore, Ogawa has 14 outlets which you can find a store for a real-life demonstration of its massage chair.Ogawa massage chairs have excellent massage capabilities.

The Ogawa Mysofa2 has an extensive L- Track running from your spine down to your lower torso so that it doesn't miss any part of your body.The rollers are designed to mimic human touch, so it feels like you are at a massage parlour.For improved well-being, the massage programs target key acupuncture points throughout your body.The integrated therapy can relieve strain on your butt and hips.The more relaxing mode gives your body a soothing stretch and light intensity massage.Your body will thank you for the Ogawa Mysofa2.

An air-press massage with heat mode is offered by the OTO Quantum EQ-10 Massage Chair.It delivers powerful strokes from your neck down to your butt for a full body massage.It helps to release the tension in your muscles so that your body feels less tired.This can be tilted into a reclined position so that you can fall back and hang out while the machine works on you.When not in use, you can return it to its original upright position.Improve your quality of life instantly with the OTO Quantum EQ-10 Massage Chair.

The OSIM UDiva 2 looks like a luxurious sofa on first glance.Beneath its comfortable outside is a smart sofa that can be used as a massage chair.It has everything you need for a massage.The Power-Ball massage works with the massage roller to massage and relieve your muscles.It targets your head, shoulders and back.It is exactly what you need to relax after a long day in the office.

The OSIM UDiva 2 pays attention to your legs.The massage modes are Squeeze and Knead, Roller and Vibration.Your tired legs will thank you when they slip into the comfort of the UDiva 2 leg rest.With a busy working couple, the OSIM uDiva 2 will be a great addition to the home.

There is a massage chair for older people.It can be hard to get enough exercise as we get older.Elderly parents can now exercise in the comfort of their own home with the unique vibration mode on the artificial intelligence device.You will have no fear of injury with the gentle and comfortable vibration.

How does the mode work?The WBV helps to improve mobility and blood circulation.You will experience health benefits such as arthritis relief, better balance, stronger bones, weight management and lower blood sugar because of that.It is not a cheap massage chair, but it is an excellent investment for your health.

When you read the functions and features of the PePu Massage Chair, you may think that it will cost thousands of dollars.You would be wrong, because it costs less than that.PePu gives you all the massage functions of top brands at a much more affordable price.

The PePu Chair Massage YH600 has some wonderful features.You can lie down in the zero-gravity mode and feel like you are on a bed.A massage chair that knows where to press is smart.Every part of your body is taken care of by the 58 airbags around the massage chair.Everything you need in a top-quality massage chair can be found in the PePu Massage Chair.

The OSIM uInfinity Luxe is the best choice for the feeling of luxury.It is made for a successful businessman or professional who wants to relax at the end of a busy day.The massage chair is class and luxury.

It doesn't feel like a massage chair, that's the best compliment.You feel like you are getting a massage.The Human-Smart Massage technology gives you the best massage experience every single day.

The massage experience can be tailored to your liking.You can choose from a variety of massage techniques.It also comes with a head massage attachment that targets acupuncture points.The best massage chair right now is the OSIM uInfinity Luxe.

You will be amazed by the JIJI massage chairs catalogue.How can they offer such features at such a low price?Maybe it is possible when you take out the marketing and branding expense of the big brands.The only overhead of JIJI is an industrial space and warehouse.That is how they keep their prices affordable.

There are almost any type of massage chairs in the collection.You can find cheap and functional chairs, zero-gravity massage chairs and more in their sales catalogue.

Take A Seat Massage Chair is a wallet-friendly massage chair.We don't think you'll be able to find a better deal than this massage chair.It's small design makes it easy to fit in any home.You have the choice of kneading, rolling, tapping, compression or heat.The massage chair can massage many parts of the body.It comes with a speaker that plays music while you enjoy your massage.

Why spend a lot of money on a massage chair?It brings about health and mental benefits that will far outweigh whatever you spend on it.You need a massage chair if you love massages.If you get one for your home or office, you will enjoy some of the benefits.

It is no wonder that our muscles are tense after a long day at work.You can get a relaxing massage at home with a massage chair.You can choose from a number of massage chairs that have different modes for relaxing your muscles.The stress of the day will leave you in a relaxed state as you get a massage.

Our body needs good sleep to function well.Your sleep quality will improve as you are put in a more relaxed state after a massage.A lot of the time, you will find yourself falling asleep in the middle of your massage session.That is how relaxing a massage can be.Maybe a massage a day will help you sleep better.

Your blood flow and circulation are likely to improve when you get a massage.If your massage chair has a zero-gravity function, it will help your blood circulation as you lie in a horizontal state.Faster recovery from injuries, better concentration and less stress are some of the benefits of better blood circulation.

A massage chair can help with posture.The function is usually limited to more expensive models.These models can sense your body position.To shift your body posture in the right direction, they can adjust their massage techniques.You should be able to see a dramatic improvement in your body posture after using this type of massage chair for some time.

The cost of a full body massage in Singapore is high.A one-hour massage will cost between $60 and $200.Assuming each massage is $100, that will cost you around $5200 a week.You can use that for many years for a top-end massage chair.You can get a massage every single day instead of once a week.If you share a massage chair with a few family members, you can save a lot of money.Getting a massage chair for home use is a no-brainer if you love massages.

A massage chair is expensive.You should think about what type of massage chair is best for you.Some of the questions you should think about when choosing a massage chair are listed below.

Every new edition of massage chairs has new features.What features are important to you?The more features a massage chair has, the more it will cost.You may be able to save money if you don't have some features.There are a number of features found in massage chairs.

You can choose from a variety of massage styles.The more expensive the chair, the more massage styles it will offer.There are massage chairs that have all the massage techniques available for an affordable price.Here is a list of massage styles.

You have to think about whether the chair will fit in your home.A lot of space can be taken up by massage chairs, which may make your home cluttered.There are massage chairs that are small and not compromising on quality.

In the Singapore market, many manufacturers take note of the premium space in our home.Most of the massage chair models in Singapore have a sleek design.Take note of the massage chair's dimensions and see if your home has enough room to accommodate it.

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