The healthiest McDonald’s menu items are ranked according to their health benefits.

To help you make better diet and nutrition choices, we’ve consulted with our team of licensed nutritionists and dietitians.We only recommend products that are in line with our philosophy of eating better while still enjoying what you eat.

If we said you could eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner from the McDonald’s menu for six months straight and lose weight, you’d think we were crazy.

That is exactly what John Cisna did in the past.At Colo-Nesco High School in Iowa, the science teacher challenged his students to think about what they eat.He showed them that with smart choices and daily exercise, you could turn any establishment into a healthy one.Cisna lost 56 pounds after following the McDonald’s Diet.We were impressed.

Since Cisna’s experiment, the world of clowns and happy meals has changed.McNuggets and salads are no longer made with artificial flavors orPreservatives.Some McDonald’s choices are better than others.McDonald’s menu items are ranked based on nutrition and ingredients.

It wasn’t easy.In a normal world, you can tell which foods are good for you, and which aren’t.A chicken sandwich in McDonaldLand has twice as many calories as a double hamburger.If your fast-food favorite is Not That, you should not eat it.You can replace it with one of our Eat This-approved orders.

A third of a day’s worth of saturated fat is contained in this bacon, egg and cheese McGriddle.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a biscuit or a pancake.The ooey, gooey goodness of a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich isn’t the best bet for your belly.You can thank belly-bloating sodium for that.The benefit of choosing the biscuit over the McGriddle is that you save yourself from eating an extra 12 grams of sugar, which is making you fat.

The sandwich has too much salt and too little saturated fat.

Did you know that the “folded egg” in many Mickey D sandwiches isn’t just an egg?It’s a blend of eggs, milk, modified food, and salt.If that doesn’t scare you, maybe the fact that this sandwich has half your day’s worth of fat, saturated fat and sodium and a third of your recommended intake of added sugars will.

Imagine putting Jimmy Dean Pork Sausage Links between a big slab of greasy bread and holding the whole shebang.It is not possible to lose belly fat.The McMuffin has more calories than the sausage one.

Sugary bread and salty meat?You probably thought this would be the worst breakfast at Mcdonald’s, but there are even worse meals coming up.

Sugary cake and salty meat are worse.There are just the cakes.Your body doesn’t have a buffer against a sugar crash without the extraProtein.

If you want a sausage, biscuit, and egg sandwich, you can get it in sandwich form and save a lot of calories and fat.

One meal wipes out fat, more than a day’s worth of saturated fat and less than the amount of salt and sugars in the entire day before lunchtime.This is a good pass.

There are no artificial colors or flavors in McGriddles cakes.We were happy to hear it.This Sausage McGriddle is the best bet for a sweet-and-savory combo.

Jim White says that if you feel like you’re low on energy, you can get fruit and maple oatmeal.”This will most likely curb your appetite until your next meal because the carbohydrates will take longer to digest than your typical high-sugar donut or pastry.”

You start your day with 14 grams of muscle-building, metabolism-churning protein if you order this pick.

Amy Goodson told Eat This, Not That that if you are a meat lover, the Sausage McMuffin is for you.This can be a filling breakfast with 400 calories and 14 grams ofProtein.

This order is nearly as good as the traditional McMuffin, but it gets docked for the extra fat and salt.

“A little high in calories at 480, this is served on an English muffin and can still be a good choice for those who need a big breakfast,” Goodson said to Eat This, Not That.The Sausage McMuffin has 30 grams of meat in it.Be sure to balance your day because it’s a little higher in fat.

The McDonald’s breakfast burrito is made with peppers, onions, eggs, sausage, and cheese, all wrapped in a soft tortilla.It contains 15% of your day’s calcium, which is about what you’ll find in Greek yogurt.

“Breakfast taco lovers will be excited that the sausage burrito is a top pick on the McDonald’s breakfast menu,” Goodson said.It has over 300 calories and 13 grams of veggies.This breakfast has a lot of food groups.

The classic.Christine M. Palumbo says she eats guilt-free at McDonald’s, but she thinks they get a bad rap.She says to eat this, not that.It has been approved for a long time now that the sandwich is made with butter.The Egg McMuffin has 17 grams of satiety-providing protein.The whole-egg sandwich contains a lot of vitamins and minerals.

One of our 14 ways to lose your belly in 14 days is by eating eggs.

Go easy.The McChicken is the best of the worst because it’s a chicken blend topped with lettuce and mayonnaise.For a thrill without fireworks, it’s not a McBad option.

This fish patty is decent in terms of nutrition.We’ve never met someone who actually ate one.Have you?

This sandwich is made with a half slice of cheese.We don’t know why.Pick up fish to cook at home.

A Whopper has 660 calories, while a Five Guys Cheeseburger has 980 calories.A Big Mac isn’t the worst fast-food burger.It shouldn’t be your go-to.

The best burgers have a lot of veggies, but this “classic” has nothing.

“crispy” is a code for “breaded with sugar and fried in fat” at most fast-food chains.It plays chicken with your heart because it has more fat than three slices of Domino’s cheese pizza.

A perfectly fine burger is added to this sandwich by two.Unless you’re making a documentary about eating McDonald’s, you don’t need to eat a half-pound of beef for lunch.

Although we wish that the fat count was lower, these little guys aren’t bad for you, they rank as one of our best fast-food chicken nuggets.We wish McDonald’s offered unbreaded chicken strips.When you’re asked “Which sauce?”, things can get McNasty.The worst is the creamy ranch, with 120 calories and 12 grams of fat.That is more fat than a hamburger.

Goodson told Eat This, Not That that the four-piece Chicken McNuggets provide nine grams of protein for only 170 calories.They are free of artificial colors, flavors, orPreservatives.Adding apple slices is the perfect snack.

If you take the kids to McDonald’s only occasionally, you will probably want two cheeseburgers, but as an adult you’ll want one.You’ve downed 64 grams of carbs, with no veggies for fiber, if you do that.

Toby Amidor says that McDonald’s is where he goes when he can’t pack food or snacks.The original burger is behind her.A kid’s meal consists of a hamburger, small order of fries, a bottle of water, and a Cuties clementine.

Most chefs would add a tomato, lettuce, or special sauce to a bare cheeseburger.McDonald’s puts both meat and cheese on top of the vegetables.The result is a meal with a lot of salt, so be sure to drink a glass or two of water.

For only 400 calories and 20 grams of fat, the McDouble is a steal.McDonald’s added a single slice of cheese for the low-fat content.The little bomb doesn’t have as much fiber as we’d like, but it’s got less calories than the Double Cheeseburger and Double Quarter Pounder with cheese.

McDonald’s ice cream base begins with milk, sugar, cream and ends in a chemistry lab, which is a problem.The fudge is made mostly of saturated-fat-laden palm kernel oil and is no better than sugar and milk.If you stick to the best dark chocolate bars, you don’t have to give up chocolate when you’re on a diet.

McDonald’s shakes are made with corn syrup and lots of sugar, and are topped with whipped cream and a Maras.It’s time to shake it off.

Don’t eat this, not that!According to a Connecticut College study, rats found the treat to be as addictive as cocaine.It’s no wonder your kids are fighting on the car ride home after eating some soft serve ice cream made with corn syrup.

The worst shake at Mcdonald’s has the most calories and carbs.A small chocolate Frosty at Wendy’s has 350 calories.

This mix-in dessert will make you want to eat seven McDonald’s apple pies.

This traditional dessert is more than just cream and sugar.McDonald’s has added corn syrup, mono and diglycerides, and a duo of gums.It still beats out the other offerings from the fast-food joint.

The chocolate chip cookie has 170 calories and 15 grams of sugar.McDonald’s cookies are better than supermarket cookies.

Per 240 calories, 11 g fat (6 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 95 g sodium, 33 g carbs, 2 g fiber, 15 g sugar.

This classic dessert is the best McDonald’s pick because it has a low sugar count and is topped with an all-natural sugar and cinnamon blend.Blow on it first.

If you want a side of fries, go for it once in a while, as long as you pair them with our best burgers and sandwiches.Don’t add salt!