The Home Depot has a sewer cleanout plug that is snap in.

It is a confirmed fact that most people know very little about.The easiest way to deal with a plumbing problem is to call a professional.

At least that is the way most of us think, but if you know more about the cleanout cap, its locations and uses, you might be able to save yourself a lot of money.

There is a chance that you will have more than one sewer cleanout on your property.There can be both inside and outside sewer cleanouts.

The main purpose of these cleanouts is to provide you with an easily accessible spot from where you can clean your sewer line from accumulated dirt, wipes or any other obstructions that could occur.

If you don’t know the location and access point of your cleanout, you will be forced to call the plumbing company and they will have to access the pipes.

The cover of your cleanout entrance is usually plastic, with a few important tasks.The main goal is to protect your cleanout from any damage that could affect it.

It is important that the cover prevents toxic gases and materials from leaving the cleanout and entering your household.

There are few locations for the installation of cleanout if done by code.While most of the spots are outside your house, there are also some inside where you should check first, such as next to your main drain.

The main cleanout is the most important drain line in your house.It’s usefulness when it comes to dealing with the main drain can affect your sewer line later on.

The easiest place to deal with a plumbing problem in your house is the main cleanout.

Depending on the weather conditions of where you live, there are commonly known outside cleanout spots.Most of the time the outside cleanout is located by the exterior house walls.It has a metal box for protection.

It could be extending from the ground near your walls and it is a large-diameter pipe with a plug on top.

The sewer cleanout might be located in the basement.If your house is built after the basement, the cleanout will be on the side of the foundation wall.

If your house is not newly built, you can request the plans of the city sewer line.

You should notice the bends in the sewer lines if you look at the plans.Above that bend are sewer cleanouts.Hire a plumbing professional to hear their proposal.

Plastic and metal cleanout cap covers are the most used.The plastic caps are weak and can be damaged by time, while the metal ones are known for their corrosive qualities.

There are new cleanout caps and covers from different materials that are recommendable.

Dirt accumulate, rust on the screw, and the cap can become fused with the threads, making it hard to remove when you need it.

The stuck cap can be solved if you know the right way to remove it.

Try breaking the whole cap and removing it in a different way.It will request you to buy a new cap cover, but luckily they are very affordable and every day more and more types of these caps are being produced.

Remove the cap and install a new one which will last you a long time.

A sewer cleanout cap is not something that should be taken lightly.When the time comes for maintenance of your sewer line, if not cleaned and preserved in the right way, it can cause big trouble.

It’s a good idea to always know the location of your cleanouts, not just the main one, and to know how to remove the cleanout cap.

In terms of water backing up the possibility to your floor, or large toilet components which would have to be removed to even access the sewer line, placing cleanouts outside will cause you less trouble.

Knowing the location and purpose of the caps will help you maintain your sewer lines and make sure that no material or gases from those pipes will ever make their way to your home.

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