The Home Depot space heaters original plug over loaded blew the outlet.

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I have an electric space heater that has been in my possession for twenty years.One of those long and thin ones does not have a fan.The convectron is a slant fin model.The plug is made of metal, except for the cord and knob.I use it daily in my basement and it has served me well.I'm not worried about fire, but I am concerned about electric shock.Is my risk too high?I don't know if I am overestimating it.

Twenty years is not that old.This appliance won't need grounding because it's a double-insulated appliance.Keeping the correct polarity of the male plug is important.If the appliance is in sound condition, these things should keep it from shocking anyone.

The code at the time allowed a non-grounded plug, so it's probably well insulated on the inside.

If you are really worried, put a GFCI plug on it.If there is a fault in the wiring, you will be protected from shocks by shutting down the power.