The Hunker chainsaw chain has a size of 3/8 vs. the.325 chain.

Weekend lumberjacks cut through big projects with their chainsaws in half the time.Are you getting all you can from the saw you have on hand?It is possible to save energy and hours by using the right chain on your blade.The chain size is important when buying a chainsaw.If the chain on your saw isn’t cutting it, you might be able to switch it out for a different size.

When you need a chainsaw in a pinch, it may be difficult to choose the right size blade.There are two types of chains.The spacing between the rivets is related to the.325 and three-eighths pitch.When you are cutting, that spacing is important.

The.325 is a smaller top cutter and tie strap, which makes it easier for the saw to turn and draw less energy from the user.It has enough power to get through most jobs.It works better with small saws that have a high speed.

The three-eighths chain is a beefier saw and better suited to one that has more power.It requires more power to operate correctly because it has larger teeth and a heavier chain.Older saws have a three-eighths chain and are less expensive than their newer cousins.It is easier to sharpen the three-eighths chain’s larger teeth.The rule is to use a three-eighths-inch chain for saws under 40cc.The saws between 40 and 60cc should have a.325-inch chain.