The instructions for the drop in sink installation can be found in the HunkerBlanco Undermount Sinks Installation Instructions.

It’s not as easy to install a drop-in sink as it is to drop it in.There is an overhang on the surface of the sink.A good seal between the sink and countertop is required for proper drop-in sink installation.

The sink should come with a paper template.The sink base cabinet has the sink template on it.To make sure there is equal space between the front and back of the counter and the sink base, use a tape measure.

A conventional particleboard countertop can be cut using a jigsaw.To drill a hole in the traced line for the sink, use a 1/2 inch drill bit.If the material for the countertop cannot be cut with a jigsaw, use the appropriate cutting tool.

Cut from the drilled hole on the edge of the template line using the blade of your jigsaw.Continue to cut around the template line until the sink hole is cut out of the countertop.

The sink should be placed in the cut out area so it fits into the countertop.

The edges of the sink should be covered with masking tape.The sink has masking tape on it.Lift the sink out of the countertop by grasping the drain holes.

Attach your faucet while the sink is out of the countertop to make it easier to complete.

The caulk should be between the edge of the cut out section and the masking tape.

Turn the clips to position the mounting clips.Turn the screws in the clips to tighten them until they are snug to the countertop.