The JCPENNEY MOBILE APP has new features at your Fingertips.

You can find the best deals on dresses, shoes, jewelry, and much more.If you are looking for a cute look for the weekend or some home basics, you will find them at prices you love at JCPenney.When shopping for him, her, kids, or home, never miss a chance to save.You can create a fun shopping experience by buying items from brands you know.You can shop new apparel, check prices in-store, and see order history.Our modern design makes it easy to find all the items you want at the prices you love.You can use the price check feature to find store pricing and details.Try to get your own personal fit with our True Fit tool.You can buy in the app, pick up in-store, or both at one of our stores.Weekly coupons and rewards can be saved to your wallet, but now you can also use them.Use the coupons when shopping in-app or show the barcodes to any JCPenney associate to apply them to your order, and we want to make sure that you never miss out on a deal again!Save your favorite products for later and come back to purchase them at any time with the JCPenney credit card.You can view your balance, pay your bill, and see offers just for credit card holders.Are you a fan of the JCPenney App?Leave us a 5-star rating.Do you have questions or comments?Email us at [email protected] if you want to use the Rate Us section.You can get the latest offers on clothes, makeup, home, and more with the JCPenney app.GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Added more customer updates after check-in, improved app performance and security, and fixed several bugs that our users reported.

It is a jc penney fan.There are many exclusive coupons in the store.It’s free to ship to store.Every time, I place online orders at one of the stores and they are shipped there correctly.The app is easy to use.I see all these negative reviews and complaints that are irrelevant to a review of the actual app and choose to tell us all about their orders messed up and customer service issues and give the app a less than stellar review.This app is very good.It works fast, large inventory of products for sale, is easy to navigate, and safely stores your info for simple quick ordering.When you checkout, it gives you the best coupon to save the most money.The app does everything you need it to do.There is a review of the app.I have seen few actual order errors and I see usually 10 pickups myself a day.Most of the time it is actually customer error that we fix but can’t tell you it’s your fault.Customer service needs to be great in order for them to keep coming back.They charged you for too many.You hit the wrong number and didn’t pay attention.Our repeat orders are growing and the J.C. Penney app is a success in my area.

There are several inconsistencies shopping with the app.When I use barcodes in the store to search for price, other sizes and colors not in store, it results in occasional no item found (even though its in my hand) and ZERO option to add to my cart and order.I have never been able to use the filters.It filters general items such as adults, kids, mens, womens and clothing.It doesn’t work when I filter by size.My most recent experience was trying to find a family set of pajamas.The items were returned with the size needed out of stock.I began to look one at a time to simplify results.Same thing.I got a lot of results that were out of stock.It could take hours to find a full set that matches.No thanks.If they don’t have anything for me to walk out with, I’ll check in store and if they do have something, it’s on to one of many other retailers whose filters work, which is a wide selection as this JCP app is only one I have had issues

This card is amazing.You get a lot of discounts and coupons.You get more when you spend more.They have great items and it ships fast.They add what you spend to your card.When you make a purchase, they charge the full amount immediately, like most places, but then when the items ship, it gets charged again with each shipment.My card went into the negative for a week after the sum total fell back off.My credit score dropped by 40 points because it evened out again.I was angry.They explained how it worked to me after I called them.I wish someone would have told me that before I started shopping.Purchase 3 items in a single transaction.Each item ships separately over the course of a few days.You will be charged for each item shipped.The sum total will fall back off after a few days.Hope this helps someone.I am trying to get my credit score up.

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