The Mad On Tools PDF contains information on the Chainsaw workshop manual, the reviews, and the facts about the machine.

There are detailed specifications for the chainsaw, including engine, fuel, Carburetor, ignition system and cutting attachment.

There is a single cylinder two-stroke engine.In.The bore is 2.05 in.The stroke was 1.42 in.The maximum permissible speed with bar and chain is 13,500rpm.

The gauge pressure is 0.8 bar and the operation of the tank vent is 0.2 bar.

There is an air gap between the fan wheel and the ignition module.(mm)

Oil delivery rate: 8 to 18 cm3 at 10,000rpm.

Without bar and chain, the weight is 14.6 lbs.The MS 460 has a handle and heating.15.2 lbs. is the weight of the MS 460 with loop handle.There is 6.9 kilograms.

Rollomatic E guide bars have reduced kickback bars.The pitch is 3/8′′ and the width is 0.050 in.It was either 1.3mm or 0.063 in.The nose is 10-tooth.

The drive link gauge is 0.050 in.The measurement is 1.3mm.

The drive link gauge is 0.063 in.The measurement is 1.6mm.

The screws are used in the components.When these screws are installed for the first time, they form a permanent thread.They can be removed and installed as often as necessary without affecting the strength of the screwed assembly.It is important to use a Torque wrench when making adjustments.

There is more information in the Carburetor Manual and the chainsaw workshop manual.There is a chainsaw search at the top and bottom of the page, as well as a question and answer page.