The Mary Kay® Satisfaction Guarantee is about customer satisfaction.

It is not possible to guarantee that a particular level of income can be earned in a Mary Kay business.The amount of money you can make as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant depends on a number of factors.How much you make in your Mary Kay business is up to you.Mary Kay Ash said to set your goals and hang on to them until they are a reality.You have to believe it before you see it.You can achieve whatever the mind can see and believe.

Mary Kay said she didn't like pushy salespeople.While tenacity and perseverance are important qualities for success in any sales oriented business, we have found that the most successful Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants approach sales and team-building by consistently applying the Golden Rule, using their own good judgement along with a loving and caring spirit.When making decisions about your sales and team-building activities, we always recommend that you put yourself in the other person's shoes, remembering to treat them as you would want to be treated.Mary Kay said, "You have a wealth of influence, and everyone you meet forms an impression of you by your words and actions."Make the Golden Rule your way of life.

When Independent Sales Directors talk about living their dreams, you wonder what it takes to get there.They talk about the flexibility of a Mary Kay business and how it has allowed them to spend quality time with their families.They may be able to give up their full-time jobs if they earn rewards such as the use of a Mary Kay Career Car and monetary earnings.How is it possible to have everything?

These women have worked very hard to get where they are today.Mary Kay Ash said that God first, family second, career third is what she meant.Keeping one's priorities in balance doesn't mean you have to work hard or sacrifice to be successfulThe Mary Kay opportunity is different from a typical corporate job in that you have more flexibility.

One of the hardest-working people you would ever meet was Mary Kay Ash.She sacrificed an hour or two of sleep to get a jump start on her day.Many Independent Beauty Consultants choose to join the Five O'Clock Club, but maybe sleep is too precious to you, and you would rather focus the bulk of your efforts during the second half of the day while your children are in school or on the weekends.The choices are endless.

In corporate America, your employer expects you to be at the office from 9 a.m. to 5 pm.

As a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, you have the power to decide when you start and end your work.The rate at which you want to climb the ladder of success is determined by your schedule.The number of hours you devote to your Mary Kay business will be relatively small if your goal is simply to supplement the income from your full-time job.You should expect to put in longer hours if you choose to replace or exceed your income from your full-time job.

The point is that you are free to make your own decisions.The balance of faith, family and career is determined by you.

How much inventory should you order for your business if you just purchased a starter kit?It is not a requirement for you to begin your Mary Kay business if you purchase inventory on your own.We always recommend that you determine what activity level you intend to pursue in your Mary Kay business and then, if appropriate for your personal circumstances, invest in a level of inventory that supports that activity.

Mary Kay Ash believed that keeping an appropriate amount of inventory was beneficial.Mary Kay always enjoyed the convenience of being able to provide a customer with her skin care or color cosmetics products on the spot.She knew it would help build a strong customer base and create loyal customers for life.

There will be a lot of Company-published materials available to you if you choose to purchase inventory.You can ask your Independent Sales Director for tips and advice on selling Mary Kay products.A fresh viewpoint can help you generate effective strategies for your business.

If you decide that a Mary Kay business is not for you, you can take comfort in knowing that the Company will return 90 percent of your original net cost, original and unused Section 1 products, if you purchased them within one year prior to returning.

If you have completed the first step, you will receive an email with a link that will allow you to complete the sign-up process.You can start over if you didn't complete the first step.

Mary Kay Inc. is always looking for new products in order to stay competitive in the marketplace.New products are important to stay competitive in a marketplace driven by innovation.Targeted products that treat special concerns and work along with our core skin care line are introduced to the product lineup to meet needs that are expressed by consumers.The trends of the season are reflected in limited-edition color items.Every 3 to 5 years, our core product lines are updated to take advantage of the latest innovations in skin care.We occasionally update our packaging to keep our presentation current and fresh, even though we don't do it often.We are in the fast-changing cosmetics business.Like the automobile, fashion and consumer electronics industries, newness is what attracts customers to the brand.

Our goal is to communicate any changes to regular-line products at least three to six months in advance to the independent sales force.This helps them make informed decisions in regards to their product orders and needs while they adjust their inventory levels.Whenever significant changes are made, we share tips to help them manage their inventory in the months leading up to the changes.