The Most Important Movie Question: Does the dog die in I Am Legend?

I put together a list of ten movies to watch if you are a person who likes to be in the present.People start watching Home Alone and Elf after Thanksgiving.There are people who found themselves craving post- apocalyptic content.

The Will Smith movie I Am Legend was at the top of the list.I Am Legend was one of Smith's last proper movie star roles, and while his fame hasn't waned in the years since, the quality of his filmography certainly has.

I watched I Am Legend on the side of my laptop at 7 p.m. last night.

Smith's performance in I Am Legend is one of the best of his career, as the entire film rests squarely on his deserted shoulders.I Am Legend may be a blockbuster action movie, but Smith's portrayal of Robert Neville is more than just action.

Other than Smith's amazing performance, how well the film holds up, and how shoddy the zombies are, my biggest revelation from rewatching I Am Legend was the dog scene.

The first movie I cried about was Titantic.I remember Jack hitting your boy hard when he sank to the bottom of the Atlantic.Tom Hanks died in Saving Private Ryan, Arnold gave a devastating thumbs-up at the end of Terminator 2, Bruce Willy sacrificed himself in Armageddon, and the reunion of Andy and Red in The Shawshank Redemption.I remember trying to watch Elephant Man and not being able to get through ten minutes without losing my mind.

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