The mower deck won’t engage when thePTO switch is on.

The mower deck doesn’t come on when the PTO switch is turned on.The switch I replaced does nothing.Is the electric clutch bad?

I have the same problem.The mower blades won’t turn when I engage the PTO.I hard wired from battery to electric clutch and mower blades so that I know it’s not my clutch.It didn’t work after the switch was replaced.Please help.

There is a yellow wire under the scott riding mower.The desk is not engaging.The pot switch has been changed.The yellow wire has power.I don’t know where it goes.Someone cut it.

The same thing happened when I replaced the pto switch.I disengaged the pto clutch connection and she doesn’t blow a fuse and stays running.There is a Scott’s.The clutch smells like it’s burning up and is throwing small shards of metal and plastic.I need someone knowledgeable to confirm that the electric clutch is worth about $300.

Chris tried to adjust the clutch.The images were from the manual.The wiring needs to be checked.It may be time to replace the clutch if the wiring does not show a problem and the adjustment doesn’t resolve it.Also check here.Good luck, hope this helps.

I have the same problem and when I try to engage it doesn’t work.

The charging system was malfunctioning.The batteries were not strong enough to engage the blades.Tired of charging the battery often and not having time to work on the mower, I purchased a 1.5W solar trickle charger from Harbor Freight for just 14 dollars.

I had mine for a few days before I serviced it.After putting it back into the mower, I like to fully charge it.In the winter, I put it on a maintain setting.When I moved it into the shop from the storage shed, it was running at 14.0 revolutions per minute.Is anyone aware of what the harness’s voltage should be?The engine goes to the clutch.The clutch didn’t engage when I had a weak battery.

Thank you for the low charge.You prevented me from buying and installing an unnessacary clutch.Even though I jumped the battery to get it started, I was certain the switch was the clutch.To open my eyes, I need a kick in the pants.

I had the same issue with the mower not engaging and found the normally open contact on the lawnmower deck to be bad.It cost around $30 to replace the button.I needed a continuity checker to find this issue.

While I was going down the road, my zero turn turned the bades on.They wont stop.It is hard to crank when I shut off the mower.The blades come on again.

wires are switched on a pro switchThe meaning on is off and the meaning off is on.First, try this.Check the safety switch.What type of mower do you have?I believe the switch is shot or reversed.Let me know if it helped.

Two of the little tongs broke off as a result of having the same problem.

I have a yardman with a pto switch that works fine, but he only engages for a short time when the blades stop, and they keep dropping out.Any suggestions please?

I had the same problem.I found that one of the wires had rubbed the plastic coating near the clutch.I put a shrink wrap tube on it to stop the wire from rubbing.Haven’t had a problem since.

Why do the blades stop when the pto clutch is running fine for about 5 minutes?

Pto would not ride a lawn mower with a new switch because it wont start.

If you want to get a new clutch, hot wire it, and leave your PTO switch off, you have to put the switch on your own.

Is it my problem that the relay for the pto under the dash is getting hot?

The seat switch was out of place and we had some issues with it not wanting to start.

It won’t start with the PTO engaged, but that tells me that there is a good connection somewhere.

I will try to hard wire the clutch harness to see if it engages.Then it has to be a safety switch.

The battery is perfect.The switch was ordered.The old one worked and then quit.I hot wired the old switch before I installed the new one.

I traced wires to the back again, but the stupid, bad, poor design connector in the front wasn’t making a good connection.Cleaned them all and taped them up.The short pigtail harness from the machine was shorting out.All was well after installing an old switch.It was fine after Greased the machine and blades with a synthetic grease, sharpened blades, complete and master tune up and oil change.

The solder shrink tube butt connectors should have been in the first place.

Thank you all for pointing me in the right direction, I found the reason my battery was not charging was due to a partially broken wire between the alternator and the regulators.I never would have realized the wire was hanging by a thread if I hadn’t inspected it.It broke loose when I held it in my hands.Just like me, stress fatigue.

I put a new belt on my mower but the clutch won’t work and I have no brakes, what did I do wrong?

I have a new holland tz25da and the blades stopped, should I start with the fluids first?

My pto went out at the end of the fall.The pto switch, electric clutch, and fuse were replaced this week, but they still won’t work.The safety switches seem to be working as they should.Any suggestions on how to fix this?Thanks.

On 8-19-20.I have issues on 2006 rzt50 as well.I hope someone can come up with a solution.