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Game Call of Duty: Black Ops II Character Samuel Stuhlinger is a character in the game.Zm_highrise is the codename for Enemies zombies.

The fourteenth zombie map is called Die Rise, also known as Great Leap forward and Skyscraper.It is included in the Revolution DLC.It was released in January and February of this year.The Season Pass costs 1200 Microsoft Points and includes the DLC pack.

The fight against zombies takes place on two skyscrapers.In order to bridge the gap between the two skyscrapers, the top half of the building is broken off and wedged upside-down between them.The first map in Zombies introduces a true element of verticality, including broken elevator shafts, upside-down skyscrapers, deadly falls, and elevators which transport randomized Perk-a-Cola machines.When jumping from building to building, there are mattresses scattered throughout.The map has tighter corridors and long vertical drops.

The Sliquifier is a new buildable wonder weapon.The Trample Steam is a buildable device that can fling players and zombies alike.The jumping jack is a new enemy in Die Rise.They come every five to seven rounds.The zombies with stronger health are identifiable by their body armor.A new Perk-a-Cola called Who’s Who allows the player to revive themselves by taking control of a doppelganger who can revive the real character.

The musical Easter egg for Die Rise is “We All Fall Down” by Kevin Sherwood, which was activated by finding three teddy bears.There is a teddy near the SVU-AS.The edge of the Buddha room is where the 2nd teddy is located.The power room has a power switch on the back right corner.

The Weapon Locker and Bank utilities have been added through a patch.They can be found by going to the power room from the freight elevator.The Weapon Locker is the closest fridge to that room.There are two showers in the room.

The toybox that can be activated by hitting the box a number of times on an early round is one of the Persistent Upgrades that has been added to the map.There is a 75% chance that this upgrade will give better weapons.The persistent upgrades gained in tranZit carry over.

A distorted voice from Samuel Stuhlinger’s head is heard as a view of the Earth is shown from Space, which is damaged from the rockets and has cracks in it.

As the background moves closer to the Earth to North America, the voice continues to talk to Samuel.

Samuel is looking at the surroundings.The voice is still talking to him.

The view shows a birds-eye view of the skyscraper, then Samuel looks down it, and finally a close up of his face, with the voice talking to him.

The close up of him continues, then there is a brief glimpse of Samuel eating a zombie arm, and then zombies surround him.

Samuel Stuhlinger: “You can’t tell them what I did!”If they knew, they’d kill me.

Russman fires dual wield Five-seven pistols at the zombies, killing a few of them.He looks at Samuel.

Russman: “If you’re going to talk to your imaginary friends, you might want to wait!”

Samuel watched as a jumping jack ripped Russman in half and let out a final scream.Suddenly, an elevator arrives by Samuel, which is occupied by two people who are shooting at zombies.

Samuel is racing towards the elevator with them, as a huge crowd of zombies approaches.Before they get attacked, the door shuts and the elevator goes down.

Outside is filled with zombies as the elevator door opens.Richtofen is talking to Samuel.