The Ontario G1 Practice Test is a free test that you can take online or in-person.

Are you starting to prepare for the exam and not sure where to start?The G1 Diagnostic Test can help you identify gaps in your knowledge of driving.The questions that are most missed by our users are contained in it.

It covers the basics of driving in Ontario.There is a detailed explanation for each question.

There are questions about driving on highways and roundabouts.There are road signs and road rules.

The test challenges you on distracted driving fines, traffic lights, maximum speed limits, cell phone use, blood alcohol levels, and more.

The set covers topics like U-turns, railway crossings, proper use of headlights, and vehicle insurance.

They don't give you a pass guarantee, but you can study the MTO driver's handbook.We do.Premium subscription is free if you pass the G1 exam using our fast and efficient method.

Changing lanes, the use of hands-free devices, driving on expressways, parking, hydroplaning, and keeping a safe distance are covered in the questions.

More complex road situations include driving in fog, reporting an accident to the police, and more.The explanations have been simplified to make them easier to understand.

There are 200 essential questions from our other practice tests.You're most likely to see these questions on the official G1 knowledge test.

Must-know topics include fines, demerit points, traffic violations and speed limits.You are likely to see the toughest questions on your exam.Before attempting your G1, make sure you've mastered these.

Our other tests have 100 road rules questions.You can see your missed questions again at the end.

There are 100 road sign questions.The marathon will go on until you answer your missed questions correctly.

The last thing you want to do is move on to the next level.There are road rule and road sign questions in the mix.

The experience of a G1 exam is mimicked by pulling random questions from a huge database.The number of questions and the score were the same.Every time you restart, there are new questions.You stop when you reach the passing or failing score.

An opportunity to explore road situations from various angles is provided.Click on an image to zoom in.

From the driver's seat, you can see real-world driving situations.These are some of the problems that drivers have to contend with.

Click on the developing hazard to watch a live action video clip of real traffic situations.You will get points if you spot them as soon as possible.

In this game, you have to spot danger before it happens.Points are given for being able to predict what will happen next.

This game is about being a cautious and aware driver by watching real-life traffic situations unfold before you and identifying the developing dangers as soon as they happen.You earn points for higher scores with each hazard spotted.

It's all waiting for you in the streets of this game.Click on developing hazards to get points in a live action video.

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The official Ontario M1 Rider's handbook was used to design 40 questions for the practice test.

A set of questions will test your knowledge of motorcycle riding in Ontario, as well as traffic signs and road rules.

It is one of the hardest practice tests.There are questions on fines, speed limits, regulations, traffic citations, insurance, and the points system.

It's designed to give you more practice, but with a twist: it'll cycle through the questions until you answer them correctly.

The actual M1 exam is mimicked in every way by the official ON Motorcycle Handbook.There are 24 motorcycle questions, 20 road sign questions and 20 general road rule questions.

You can find it on the official MTO website, or you can get a printed copy from ServiceOntario or Canadian Tire.

The Driver's Handbook is the subject of our 12 tests.The official test will be easy if you ace them all.

Each time you take the G1 Test Simulator, you'll get a new set of questions.

It is time to make your appointment at the DriveTest Centre.You will be prepared to pass on the first try.

Some websites will give you a mix of questions based on MTO G1 rules and other sources, but we write all our questions with information from the official Driver's Handbook.

The practice tests are always up-to-date because they are written using the latest version of the Handbook.We monitor when a new issue comes out, and update any questions if necessary, so you are never dealing with out-of-date test information.

You will be better prepared if you study using the Handbook because we design our questions to feel like the real thing.

The driver's handbook can be hard to keep track of.Practice tests can help you integrate that knowledge and reinforce it without re-reading the same dull material.

When you get a question wrong, instead of marking you incorrect and simply supplying the correct answer, each question has an explanation so you can remember it next time.

Different sections of the G1 are difficult for different people, some struggle to remember distances or fines, while others have issues with road rules.The only Ontario practice test site with the Challenge Bank is, where you can review and take another test if you don't answer correctly.

The pass rate on all of our tests is the same as the real exam.We structured them to get you familiar with both the material and the test format.

One of the most important functions of our practice tests is to make the questions you face and the test feel familiar.You will be prepared for your big day.

When things get boring, encourages you to keep going with your progress and suggestions to help you achieve more.We wrote each one to boost you up and we have confidence in you.

Going through the Driver's Handbook can be boring.Our tests turn learning new things into a game.

The more you play, the better prepared you will be for your test.You will be over-prepared for the G1 test by the time you have mastered all our tests.

We have a free app that will allow you to study on your phone.The tests are on the regular website.

It was the best thing to study.You have to complete all the tests until you are perfect.Your g1 is guaranteed.Sam Villemaire.

Excellent test questions, I swear.I got 39 out of 40.If anyone wants to pass the G1 exam, can help.Excellent feelings!Abdul Haseeb is in Toronto.

I just finished the official test and it was very easy.If you skim through the pages and do the practice tests on the website, you are ready.

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