The reason why you should put dish soap in your toilet is because it will remove gunk.

A licensed plumbing professional will be able to help with some of the problems.Plumbing can be damaged by pouring water that is too hot down the drain.

Online advertisements that lead to lengthy slideshow-style stories and endless clicks are not the most reliable source of information.Readers who clicked on the advertisement were led to a story with 92 pages.The ad may have meant to say “garbage”, but there was no information about pouring vinegar on bread in the 92 pages.

There were advertisements about pouring dish soap down the drain.One advertisement said that pouring dish soap in the toilet is a trick to remember.

The website has a story on one of the advertisements.”Unclog your toilet” appeared on page 20.

The toilets are bad.It’s possible to solve the problem of your backed-up lavatory with just a little dish soap.Put half a cup of dish soap into the toilet instead of using a plunger.

Allow the soap to sit in the toilet for 15-20 minutes.To flush the refuse down the drain, use a hot bucket of water.If you use the dish soap, your pipes will be free from the debris that caused the problem in the first place.

We couldn’t find the same trick for the bath tub on the website.While you clean your bathtub, save your back by putting dish soap and a broom in it.The same soap that cuts grease on your dishes can be used to clean the bathroom.

It is true that popular brands such as Dawn can help fix drain problems.For the purpose of this fact check rating, we will be focusing mostly on dish soap.

The dish soap recipe was published by the San Francisco Chronicle.Water can be heated up to a low or medium temperature on a stove.The idea was to pour half a cup of dish soap into the toilet and then pour hot water into it 10 minutes later.If the problem continues after 30 minutes, the Chronicle said to call a plumbing company.

Bob Vila’s website recommended dish soap to clear drains.According to, dish soap lubricates the toilet drain to get everything moving again.

A video with millions of views shows the dish soap trick for a toilet, as does a video from the licensed plumbing company in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The trick will only work if the kitchen sink is partially blocked.If you want to learn how to get rid of your kitchen sink, you can watch our video on our YouTube channel.’”

We saw that boiling water in plumbing was not a good idea.It could cause damage.Gilmore Heating, Air, and Solar warned against pouring boiling water down your sink or toilet.

In recent years, people looking for a green alternative to chemical products have been told to pour a potful of boiling water into a sink or toilet to clear a problem.When your pipes are clear, it is probably a good idea to dump boiling water in the sink.This can cause serious damage to pipes.