The side effects of Swedish pollen extract, a nonhormonal…Relizen Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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Studies in cancer patients are needed to confirm the safety and effectiveness of lark extract.

A standard Swedish formula is made from the pollen and pistils of grasses that are members of the Poaceae family.Some studies suggest that pollen extract can be used to relieve premenstrual and menopausal symptoms.Although the mechanism by which this may occur is not well understood, pollen extract appears to have no effect on hormones.It may be useful for breast cancer patients.To ensure safety, effectiveness, and to confirm that it does not negatively interact with chemotherapy drugs, studies in cancer populations are needed.

There were no side effects that were related to pollen extract.

Propolis, which is pollen from many different plant families, and may also include other substances, should not be confused with pollen extract.

A standardized Swedish natural product contains both pollen and pistils derived from members of the Poaceae family of grasses.It has been used as an herbal remedy to relieve a number of symptoms.The mechanism of action is not clear.In animal studies, estrogenic activity was not found, suggesting it doesn’t work through hormones.Among patients with hormone-sensitive cancers who have limited options and may have safety concerns with more conventional methods to address such symptoms, this is of particular interest.

One of the initial open-label studies suggested that a standardized pollen extract could be used to alleviate premenstrual symptoms.In a randomized controlled trial, pollen extract was found to reduce hot flashes and improve quality of life in women.A reduction in premenstrual sleep disturbances was found by a double-blind RCT.

There have been no studies done on cancer populations.There are more clinical trials that need to be done to confirm the safety and efficacy of pollen extract.

Propolis, which is pollen from many different plant families, and may also include other substances, should not be confused with pollen extract.