The symbolism of the fence is in August Wilson's Fences.

Authors often use tangible objects as a symbol in order to represent an idea.In the play, "Fences" by August Wilson, the characters' lives progress throughout the building of a fence in Maxson's family backyard.The fence serves as a symbol throughout the play, representing the metaphorical barriers main characters are building in order to protect themselves.The title "Fences" appears to be a complex symbol which summarizes the entire play and illustrates the conflicting desires of the Troy Maxson's family members.

Troy uses a fence to separate himself from people, ideas and things he doesn't want in his life.The last dialogue he had with his son was symbolic.

It appears from the dialogue that Troy establishes the fence as the separation line between him and Cory.Troy shows that he is the chief of the house by pointing out the fence as the boundary of his territory after expellingCory from his house.

Troy used the fence as a symbolic shield in his attempt to escape Death.Troy cried out, "All right" after he received information about the death of Alberta...Mr. Death.Now is the time to see...I will tell you what I am going to do.I will build a fence around this yard.See?I will build a fence around what I own.I want you to stay on the other side.

Troy decided to build a fence to keep Death away from him.Troy started taunting Death after he threw Cory out of his house.Troy begins to tease Death as he says, "Come on!"It is between you and me now.Come on!You can do it whenever you want.Come on!I will be ready for you, but I won't be easy.Troy is afraid of Death because he wants to get rid of everything related to Death, even his own son.

Rose sings, "Jesus, be a fence all around me every day" at the beginning of the play.As I travel on my way, Jesus, I want you to protect me.Rose signing this song shows her desire for protection.A fence is a symbol of Rose's love.Rose is willing to love and nurture her family in a safe environment because she wants a fence.They are reluctant to finish Rose's project because they think the fence is a burden.Troy was told by Bono that Rose wants a fence built to protect her loved ones.Rose wants to be with you all.She loves you.