The Temporal Artery Thermometer Model# TAT-2000C is an original product from Exergen Corporation.

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The TAT-2000C Temporal Scanner is a non-invasive thermometer that uses advanced technology to provide maximum ease of use with quick and accurate measurements.

The Exergen TAT-2000C Temporal Thermometer makes it easier to take temperatures at home.The TAT-2000C Thermometer can be used to detect body heat in the forehead.The rectal temperature can be inaccurate due to many factors.If the patient is an infant or small child, both methods can be dangerous.The Exergen Temporal Thermometer requires only a brief moment of gentle contact to get a reading.

Every time, the TAT-2000C records an accurate temperature.Blood from the heart is the source of core temperature.Exergen’sInfrared Scanner makes thousands of readings as it scans over the forehead and arteries, picking the highest and most accurate temperature.The Home Thermometer calculates the heat lost from the temporal arteries to determine core temperature.The patient is completely undisturbed after the measurement takes less than a second.

The easiest way to use the Temporal Scanner is to depress the button, Scan across the side of the forehead, and Release.Put the Exergen Thermometer in the neck of the patient if they are sweating.The TAT-2000C will be compensated for by this.You can see that the Thermometer is reading a higher temperature by looking at the lights on the front and back.

The Temporal Artery Thermometer displays temperatures in 30 seconds.The Celsius readings can be selected as the default.

The TAT-2000C uses a 9V battery.A small cloth with alcohol can be used to clean the probe lens.The Exergen Temporal Thermometer is made in the USA.