The third book in thePercy Jackson and the Olympians series, The Titan's Curse.

Rick Riordan wrote The Titan's Curse, an American fantasy-adventure novel based on Greek mythology.It was the third novel in the series and was released on May 1, 2007.The story is about the adventures of the 14-year-old Jackson as he and his friends go on a dangerous quest to rescue his friend Annabeth Chase and the Greek goddess Artemis, who have both been kidnapped by the titans.

Miramax Books, an imprint of Hyperion Books for Children, published The Titan's Curse.On May 1, 2007, it was released in the United States and the UK.The audiobook was read by Jesse Bernstein.[4][5]

The Titan's Curse was nominated for many awards and won a few.The New York Times children's series was the best seller.[8]

A group of people, including Thalia Grace, get a ride from Mrs. Jackson to Westover Hall, a boarding school in Bar Harbor, Maine, to escort two siblings to Camp Half-Blood.Dr. Thorn is a manticore and attacked them.Dr. Thorn jumped off a cliff with Annabeth on his back.Artemis is troubled by the manticore's mention of a "Great Stirring" of monsters, and goes off alone to hunt an Olympus-destroying monster she believes to have finally returned from Tartarus.She sent the half-bloods and Hunters to Camp Half-Blood with her brother Apollo.

Artemis's lieutenant Zo Nightshade begins having mysterious dreams about Artemis in grave danger, as well as a sea monster that Percy and Blackjack save at camp.There is a dream in which Annabeth saved Luke from being crushed by the ceiling of a cave.Zo is unable to act until the oracle leaves the attic in the Big House and gives her a prophecy.The two of them organize a quest, and she decides to bring other people with her.The Hunters refuse to travel with a male.He sneaked away from camp on Blackjack, though he was almost stopped by Mr. D, who agreed to let him go because there was a high chance he would be killed on the quest.

When he arrives in Washington, D.C., he notices Dr. Thorn heading into the National Museum of Natural History and follows him using Annabeth's invisibility hat.The official quest group are nearby in the National Air and Space Museum, and a man called the General summons spartoi to hunt them.The group is attacked by the Lion before they can leave.They kill the lion.Apollo told the quest group to travel to New Mexico.Pan sent the Erymanthian Boar to help them escape the spartoi.The "junkyard of the gods" is where the boar carries them.Bianca tries to take a cursed statuette from the junkyard after a brief encounter with Ares and Aphrodite.She gives her life to bring the prototype down after her theft.After narrowly escaping the spartoi, the remaining quest members travel to San Francisco on the backs of two angels.

The monster Artemis was hunting is an ophiotaurus, which is the monster that Percy saved back at camp.After the final meeting with Dr. Thorn, Mr D was asked by Percy to help him defeat the manticore.In order to find Frederick Chase, the father of Annabeth, Zo, Percy, and Thalia will have to travel to Mount Othrys.They travel to the Garden of Hesperides with Professor Chase's car.Zo is wounded by a dragon.Artemis is doing his job at the place where Atlas once held up the sky.After seeing Annabeth tied up and held hostage, and learning that "the General" is Zo's father, the Titan Atlas, Percy took the sky from Artemis so she could fight against him.Artemis is able to trap Atlas under the sky again, but not before he seriously wounds Zo by pushing her off of a cliff.The man fell from the cliff, apparently dead.With the help of Mr Chase, who arrives in a biplane he has fitted with machine guns that fire bronze bullets, they escape and travel to a nearby airfield in Artemis' silver chariot.Artemis made a constellation in her honor after Zo died.The rest of the group goes to Mount Olympus.

The gods are convinced by Artemis that they need to take action against the Titans.Thalia is asked by Artemis to become a Huntress, and she accepts, delaying the start of the Great Prophecy.He was told by his father that he was alive.They returned to Camp Half-Blood worried about the future.Before he is able to relax, however, he has to explain Bianca's death.The blame goes to Percy as he promised to keep her safe.When a group of spartoi arrive to attack Percy, he banishes them to the Underworld, revealing himself as a son of Hades.A man runs away from a camp and a man tells a woman the truth about his parentage.They promise to hide the fact that there are two possible heroes for the Great Prophecy.[9]

The Titan's Curse received mostly positive reviews, which praised the humor and action in the story.The book was praised by Children's Literature for its fast pace and humor.Kirkus Reviews gave it a starred review and said, "This third in the Olympians series makes the Greek myths come alive in a way no classroom unit can."newcomers to the series will eagerly await a fourth volume, though this can stand alone.The School Library Journal praised the "adventurous" plot as well as the book's appeal.A winner of Olympic proportions and a great read-aloud.The novel's humor, action, and plot were approved by the starred review."Rick Riordan's Olympian adventures have gained great popularity thanks to their combination of humor, adventure and a winning hero."Readers who are familiar with ancient mythology will enjoy Riordan's tongue-in-cheek approach.[12]