There are all natural ways to get rid of ants.

I have been looking for natural ways to get rid of ants.There are a lot of fire ants in Georgia.In our home, in the chicken pen, and in our garden, these buggers are showing up.

There are ant hills everywhere.I believe ants will take over the world.They are the true zombie apocalypse.Isn’t that kind of frightening?

Sometimes it feels like that is possible here.The ant hills can be 3 feet wide and over a foot tall if left undisturbed.There must be something done to get rid of these ants.

I don’t like the idea of broadcasting poison that could make my children, dog, and chickens sick.I have been looking for all natural options for ant control.

I made a big list of all the ideas I found so that I could sort through them all.If you have tried any of these, please let me know.

It’s important to understand a few things about ants in order to control them.

If you want to get rid of a colony of ants, you have to kill the queen or queens of that colony.

There is no way to get rid of the ants.It is not a good idea to try to do that.

There is an important role for ants in our environment through their activity of aerating and bringing in the soil as well as controlling populations of other insects and being food for some animals.

Sugary, sweet foods are what ants like.You can kill the queen if you poison the ant colony with tempting foods and toxic ingredients.

Boric acid can cause ants to die if they ingest it.

Boric acid is toxic to humans and pets, so keep it away from your kids or pets.Boric acid can cause a number of health problems in humans and pets.

Boric acid can be added per cup of bait.It equates to about 1-2% of boric acid.

If you just need to get rid of ants for a little while like when you are on a picnic, then distract them with an ant favorite.

A warm sunny day between noon and 2 pm is the best time to treat an ant mound.The queen is said to be active during this time.

The workers will hide and protect the queen if you step on or disturb the mound.

If you don’t set your boundaries, ants will invade and take what they want.

There are several ways to repel ants in the garden, home, or animal pens.Some are sprays and some are powders.

With powders, you can draw a line in the soil to stop ants from entering.You need to make sure the line is at least 3 inches wide.

You can mist the boundary to allow it to dry.If there is a rain, apply weekly or after the rain.

If you have ants in your house, you can use ammonia, Citra solv, or vinegar to clean the areas where they are moving around.It will get rid of ants and the scent trail they leave for other ants.

To prevent ants from coming back, grab one of the following items.

Whether you use them as companion plants in the garden, in a landscape border, or among the foundation plants around your home, using plants that ants hate can help with your ant problem.

Thanks for putting this together.We love fighting fire ants in South Georgia.My vegetable garden is full of them, our yard has endless mounds, and the ants are willing to attack even the smallest offense into their territory.It is very frustrating.A few months ago our baby girl was playing in the yard and stepped on fire ants.She had a severe allergic reaction to the bites.We are 25 minutes from the hospital.We had the worst ride of our lives.I give the ants an irritated look when the doctors tell us to avoid them.I live in Georgia with a lot of wild land, so how can I avoid ants?Is it possible to get a safer yard and garden?ants rule our yards and our daughter misses being outside.

Hey,Shirley!What a frightening experience.The fire ants are bad in north Georgia.They are very aggressive.I get bit by ants all the time.I can only imagine how scared you must be if your baby gets bitten by an ant.You can’t let her outside.I don’t know what to do if I were in your shoes.Many of the methods for killing mounds do work, and I personally use the vinegar around our sidewalk for weeds and ants.It wouldn’t be enough to get rid of ants in your yard.The repelling herbs work, but not all of the time.I don’t feel bad talking to a pest control company about my baby’s life or death.If I can avoid chemicals, I would use them to protect my children.I hope you can find a solution that works for you.Hugs.

Laura, thank you for your reply.When it is this serious, the chemicals come back into the running.The fire ants seem to be impervious to pest control.I am going to try some of the mound killing recipes.Thank you!

I live and garden in Central Texas, which is known as the worst place to live on the planet.All it takes is one mound to ruin your day.We use a product called Come and Get It.The advantage of speed is that the orange oil is perfect for a smaller mound.I use 1/2 cup into a gallon of water, start at the outside of the mound and pour in circles getting closer to the center as you go, then pour the rest into the middle.They will all be dead in a few hours.It’s safe for organic gardens and won’t hurt us or our pets.It can be used indoors as well.Boric acid works as well.Even if essential oils work, they are not practical.For a few days, orange oil will keep ants away.

I’m excited to see how this will help me.My wife told me to find a solution because she was getting sick of the ants.Thank you for the advice.

I like this list.If you have pets, be sure to use the Food-grade DE because it is a great deterrent to ants.I grow mint, lavender, and Rosemary in pots near entryways to the house.We live on a 40acre farm.The fire ants are ridiculous.I use the stinky stuff if I spot treat with Andro.

Excellent article!I live in Las Vegas.There aren’t a lot of insects except for ants, spiders, and roaches in the Desert Climate.Over the last few years, I have been experimenting with poisons.I discovered that ants and roaches are killed by Sobey water because they have a waxy exoskeleton that is dissolved in the water.cockroaches turn into blobs.If you see them, this is a great way to kill them.All their friends can be told to come visit by the ants.They seem to like crawling over dried soap.They don’t care about the next day when you first spray it.It’s amazing that cinnamon oil is so good.They won’t come back to that area if you spray cinnamon oil and water.I buy cinnamon oil on the internet and mix it with water in a spray bottle.They don’t return after being killed on contact.I don’t know what to do in the garden.I wondered if charcoal would work against ants.It’s amazing for the soil to have charcoal in it.Thanks for the information.

The fire ants waved and then carried it underground.Fire ants will destroy themselves if they are mixed between two mounds.The queens started to multiply after finding some common ground.The mounds are busy.If there is a fire ant within a mile of me, he will find me.

Diatamous Earth seems to work well for me.My husband is going to pour beer on them.He said it worked the other night.I haven’t tried it yet.