There are five things to know before you buy new tires.

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It is easier for members to top off their own tires with nitrogen when they need it.Nitrogen tire refill stations are free for members to use at the warehouse club.

If you fill your tires with nitrogen, you can make them last longer and improve the fuel economy of your vehicle.

If you park under one of the signs for tire inflation parking, you will be able to get back on the road.It was easy!

These stations are only used by members of the wholesale club.You can get a membership if you are not a member.

Lifetime maintenance services like inflation pressure checks, tire balancing, and flat tire repairs are included in the Installation Package when members buy tires from the club.

Wow.This is not free for everyone.I switched to air because I couldn’t get into the dealership to get my tires filled and we have an air compressor at home.It will be easier for people.This is a need.!

I don’t know if there is sarcasm here.You will need to fill up your paintball tank if this is not for you.

When they decided to offer this, are you worried about the member exceeding the average amount of nitrogen they had planned on, or do you worry about what vessel someone chooses to put their allotted free nitrogen in?Person A is married to another person.They fill up their tires at the local store.Person B does not own a car but they fill up a paintball tank.Is Person A using more of the freebie than Person B just because they put it in tires?What if there is a person who fills up the tires of their neighbors?They are giving away a freebie designed for members but they are still putting it in tires which is a need.

Thanks mom!If I could, I would fill up a pb tank with 1/3 of a tire.

The only place that had nitrogen was the dealership, but that won’t be a problem now.

Is it possible to add nitrogen to the regular air already in the tires?

Absolutely safe.Air has 21 percent oxygen and 78 percent nitrogen.The 100 percent nitrogen is leaking slower.

I got my tires and N2 fill when I lived in FL, but now that I live in CO, I can’t find a place to fill them.I’m not sure if they would let me drain my tire and refill it at the store.Is it worth it to have N2 in my tires in CO?Please lend me your gear-head husbands.

The loss of tire pressure is slower with nitrogen-filled tires because the gas in the tire escapes more slowly than air.If you have stable tire pressure, you will get better gas mileage and tire life since you always roll on fully inflated tires.When the temp changed, I got a low tire pressure warning because the last tires I bought were filled with air.

The benefit of nitrogen in tires is that it doesn’t expand or get hot like air, which can cause tires to over inflate or lose pressure on cold mornings.It won’t be possible for your tire monitoring system to warn you of a low tire on cold mornings or a heat related blow out on hot summer days.Nitrogen is better to use than air.

Even if they don’t have a dedicated machine like this out front, any tire center will fill your tires for free.Go to one of the bays and ask them.Sometimes it will be filled for you.Great service!

Not worth it.Should you use nitrogen in car tires?

If you have a tire center at your store, they will fill it with nitrogen for free.

I just used this system for the first time and I am in tire inflator heaven!It’s so easy!You use the + or – buttons to set the machine to the pressure you want, then slide the lock-on tire inflator that is attached to a long coiled air hose onto your tire valve.You just hear the air and nitrogen being released into your tire.The hose doesn’t look like it will reach all 4 tires, but it does on my full size Dodge pickup truck, so you slide the release sleeve and go to the next tire.Thank you Costco!I love customer service at one of my favorite retail stores.An older gentleman was trying to do his tires at the San Bernardino Costco as I was filling my tires, and he was a bit puzzled by how it all worked.I tried to keep him away from me because his nose was sticking out of his mask.All of a sudden one of the guys who works in the tire shop is out helping him get his tires filled, and he was aware and kind enough to step away and help this guy!It’s a Merry Christmas moment!

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