There are four grass types and their uses - Grass factory Eco Organics, Living EarthLawns in the Shade, Grass Types and Growing Tips.

To cover the seed Rake lightly, use a steel rake and cover it with no more than 3mm of soil.Don't bury the seed too deep because it needs light to grow.Don't cover with a layer of compost as it dries out too quickly and may prevent successful germination!

It's important to compact the area lightly.If you don't have a roller, you can use something like a drum on its side.This step brings the seed into direct contact with the moist soil and reduces wash-aways and capillary action.

The area should be moist for the first two weeks.The watering should be reduced by then as the seed will have sprouted.It is possible that you need to water more than once a day.There are puddles.

Without an irrigation system, this grass can be maintained.The grass will go brown if there is a shortage of water.The grass may die if water is unavailable for a long time.

This is a relatively tolerant grass, but it still needs regular watering.Once the root system is established, irrigation can be reduced.

Take note of the symptoms of pests and diseases.There are spots on leaves.Call the MayFord Helpline or speak to a specialist in this field.If you see straight lines, look for a man-made problem.

Don't skimp on fertilising your lawn because it is less susceptible to diseases and insects.

Good air flow reduces humidity.Stress to all grasses is caused by over water or underwater.

Setting paving stones or sleepers in the grass can help reduce traffic pressure.This grass has the ability to cover bare patches.

The best way to avoid weeds is to have a dense canopy of grass growing around you.You will cut out the majority of problems if you Fertilise and mow regularly.Before spraying a weed killer, ask a specialist.

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