There areFrequently Asked Questions about the Liebherr freezer

The software tool developed by Liebherr-Mining is designed to minimize downtime.The Liebherr Troubleshoot Advisor is online and can be used to help your workforce.The field service teams in more than 20 countries are supported by this software tool.

Liebherr’s dedicated team of engineers, technicians, and developers follow up with your workforce to make sure that their problems are solved effectively and efficiently.

The process is simple, connect, indicate the problem, and let the application help you find a solution.

To achieve an effective and efficient tool, Liebherr develops all technical procedures by combining the experiences from the feedback of the on-site technicians and our engineering department.

It is easy to find a problem and a solution on the platform.The user does not need prior computer skills.The interface gives users step-by-step procedures to resolve the problem.

The system is based on technologies that allow for easy control and high function to solve complex problems.

More than 1,000 guides correspond to more than 1,500 actions and solutions.There is a full range of mining products from the R 9100 to the T 9800.

New content and guides are added to the product by our dedicated team.Images, videos and technical descriptions are always being developed to create a more thorough, powerful and efficient database.