There is a clip on earrings alternative that is painless and comfortable.

People who don’t get ears pierced have no choice but to clip on earrings.Don’t you think clip on earrings pinch your earlobes a lot?They hurt your ear and give you headaches so you can’t wear more than 2 hours.There are metal clip on earrings.There is a part of the back and front that is not visible.They aren’t that stylish.I would like to introduce the most up-to-date, sophisticated and comfortable clip on earrings in order to solve these problems.They are not visible on earrings.

You have never heard of invisible clip on earrings.The earrings are made from soft material.They fit your earlobes perfectly.You can wear them all day without pinching.Customers testified about the invisible clip on earrings.

They are difficult to fall off.The earrings have a light weight of less than 4 g.Shouldn’t you be afraid of losing your earrings if you wear a metal clip on them?It’s hard to do.

The earring findings are clear.They look like earrings.People think you have pierced earrings.The invisible clip on earrings are ideal if you don’t like clunky and obvious clips.

Unless you look very closely, you wouldn’t know they were clip-ons.If you’re tired of clunky clip-ons, this is a great find.

There are earrings with a crystal stud.If you look closely, you can see the clear earring findings.It’s ideal for daily clip on earrings.

Where can I get a genuine freshwater pearl clip?There is a place called Miyabi Grace: Japanese Cotton Pearl Jewelries and invisible clip on earrings.

Miyabi Grace has invisible clip on earrings.All the jewels are handmade by me.The items will be shipped from Japan.There is a shipping fee.

Hello!I would like to know if you are the inventor of the invisible clip on.Is it possible to buy just the clip?I was unable to find any information on the internet.Very clever!

You posted a message and I would like to thank you for that.The invisible clip on earrings is not my invention.There are clip on earrings available at any place in Japan.Japanese people don’t want to share information about invisible clip on earrings in English.

I apologize, but I don’t sell invisible clip on earring findings only.Feel free to ask if you have any questions.