There is a difference between a penguin and a Puffin.

Consider the bagel and doughnut.These breakfast treats are found in the same food group.The similarities stop there.Touch, smell or taste a bagel and you’ll see that it’s not the same as a doughnuts.People with good taste like bagels and deep- fried doughnuts.

puffins and penguins are lumped together because of their similarities.Their names mean the same thing.The first time ornithologists used the term “puffin”, they mistook the Manx shearwater chick for a baby puffin.They stuck with the original name once they realized the mix-up.penguins were given their name after being confused with a bird called the great auk.Pinguinus impennis is the scientific name of the great auk.The chubby penguin received a name from that.

The physical characteristics of penguins and puffins make them appear to be related.puffins have matching white bellies and black overcoats, which makes them shorter than penguins.Both walk with a teeter-totter motion.

The seabirds like to hang out and nest in large numbers.Groups of penguins are referred to as colonies, and puffin clans are called circuses.Up to 2.5 million penguins may band together in breeding groups.Because they enjoy being around their own kind so much, puffins will approach wooden replicas that ornithologists use to lure them in and observe their habits.Both male and female penguins mate for life.

Let’s get one thing straight, penguins and puffins aren’t the same bird.