There is a difference between heat and em heat.

Users often encounter the terms heat and emergency heat when using a heat pump.Maybe you should know the difference between the two instead of just using the device blindly.

Both systems are controlled by the thermostat.The main function of a heat pump is to transfer heat from the outside air to the indoors.The foremost heating control setting is the preferred heating mode.Let's say the thermostat is 35 to 45 degrees.If heat is not maintained at this level, another heating system will be activated.The outdoor air is rich in heat.The heat pump can provide heating to your home.When the thermostat goes below the set temperature limit, the pump will turn on another heating source.

When the heat pump system can no longer transfer heat from the outside, another system will work.This heat is more expensive.It is said to be less efficient than the main or primary heat.Emergency heat is sometimes abbreviated as EM heat.The electric resistance strips are involved in emergency heat.Electric resistance heat is more expensive if you use more electric current.An electric furnace is used to make use of the back-up heating setting.The EM heat can be activated manually, as well as being regulated by the thermostat.

There are two things that users should not do with their heat pumps.One way to avoid setting the equipment to operate under emergency heat is to raise the thermostat.The thermostat should be set to the temperature you want.

2.The cost of running a heat pump is the most likely reason why emergency heat is considered to be the more inefficient heating system.

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