There is a difference between P-Metric and Metric tires.

Some of our readers have questioned the interchangeability of P-metric and Metric tire sizes.Asking how to solve the national debt crisis is similar to answering this question.Some solutions might be more practical than others.

The P-metric and Metric sizes are used for passenger car tires.A P-metric tire is one that has a P in front of the tire size displayed on the sidewall.If there is no P, it is a Metric tire.P-metrics were the most common size on domestic cars, minivans, and light-duty pickup and SUVs in the past.Foreign cars usually had Metric tires.You can find P-metric and Metric tires on all types.

Is it possible to use P-metric and Metric tires interchangeably when buying replacement tires?

There are conflicting views within the industry.Let's look at the differences between the two tires.They have the same dimensions, but there is a difference in the two- or three-digit number after the load index.The load-carrying capacity of the tire is determined by the load index.The 215/60R16 tire has a load index of 95, which is equal to a maximum load of 1,519 lbs at 35 psi.

Why is the difference different?A metric tire has a slightly greater load index and higher load-carrying capacity reserve than a P-metric tire.Understand how to decode tire size and other data.

If your car came with P-metric tires, you can replace them with Metric tires.The Metric tire is an acceptable substitute for the original equipment on the car.This substitution is allowed by a number of tire manufacturers.

Since P-metric tires have a lower load capacity reserve than their Metric counterparts, you shouldn't use the Metric tire size that came on your car as original equipment.The P-metric tire can be adjusted to provide an equivalent maximum load capacity of a Metric tire.The conversion is best left to the professional tire dealer who has access to a tire fitment guide for proper tire replacement.

Replacing tires with the same size designation and load index that came on your car is the best practice.There are questions about your tire on the door jamb of most cars.The placard can be found in the glove box, behind the fuel filler cover, or inside of the truck lid.

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