There is a Nerf Fort.

If you want to have an awesome Nerf war, you need a strong Nerf fort.You can build a Nerf fort inside or outside of your house, and it is easy to do.The fort can be made out of cardboard, pillows and blankets.Whatever option you have to make your ultimate hideaway, come up with an overall plan or theme for your fort.You can transform your home into a Nerf battleground with some basic supplies.

Step 1: Take about 15 cardboard boxes.

Depending on your plan and availability, you can make your fort out of 5 or 15 small boxes.Purchase new boxes from a home supply store.If you want to make a fort, use more or less boxes.Depending on your personal preference, you can either stack assembled boxes together to build your fort or cut boxes to your desired shape.

Step 2: If you want to add color to the boxes, you can paint them.

Adding paint can take your Nerf fort to the next level.You can use spray paint to personalize your fort.To apply the paint, shake up the spray paint and hold the can away from the cardboard.Slowly move the can across your cardboard by pushing down on the spray nozzle.Before assembling your fort, let the paint dry for a few hours.For a camouflaged outdoor fort, choose greens and browns, or paint it your own colors.

Step 3: The foundation of your fort can be created with assembled boxes.

If you have small or medium-sized boxes, make them into a box shape and secure the edges with duct tape.Place the boxes in a square shape next to each other.For instance, you can build a fort that is about 10 ft or 1.5 ft in length.The outer wall of your basement can be created by stacking a row of medium boxes.You can use whatever size you want if you don't have small or medium-sized boxes.When building a foundation, these are easy to stack.

Step 4: Continue stacking boxes until you get the height you want.

If you want to build your walls, place additional boxes on top of the first ones.It is possible for your fort to be as tall as you want, though a height of at least 4–5 ft (1.2– 1.5 m) is great for basic protection.If you have a row of 5 medium boxes in a line, place another few on top of the others to create a wall.

Step 5: To make unique additions, cut boxes into your desired shape and size.

You can use a flat, large or extra large box to personalize your fort.If you want to make a large wall, you can cut a slit in the flat box and stretch out the cardboard all the way.You can use a box cutter to cut a window into the wall.Make your fort into a Nerf hideout by using other cardboard pieces.You can make the outside of your structure look like a castle by cutting out sections 3 in wide and 2 in deep.Take a large piece of cardboard and poke 2 holes in the corners.Feed the rope through the front of the cardboard and attach it to the base of your fort.This will create your own drawbridge.Don't cut yourself with a box cutter.If you need help, ask an adult.

Step 6: If you want the pieces of cardboard to stay put, tape them together.

Duct tape can be used to reinforce your Nerf fort during an ambush.Place the pieces of duct tape halfway on one box and the other half on another box after you assemble your fort.Adding heavy objects to the bottom of the cardboard will make your fort stay on the ground.If you are using this fort outside, this is helpful because it doesn't get blown away by the wind or topple over by people.Depending on how secure you want your fort to be, add more or less tape.

Step 7: To build a fort, place it in a spot in your house.

Pick a spot in your home where you will use pillows and blankets to build a fort.Take 1 corner of the room and turn it into a fort or a Nerf war zone.Ask your parents if the spot is okay.

Step 8: Rearrange furniture will allow you to make more space for your fort.

It depends on your room and availability, so use your imagination.If you want more room for your fort, you may want to move the couch over.The couch may be moved to act as your main wall against attackers.Pick items to move in order to enhance your fort.These items are hard to move so don't move them.When you are done playing, be sure to move the furniture back to its proper location.

Step 9: Place blankets on the floor.

It is time to start building after you rearrange furniture.To create your floor space, grab a few blankets, sheets, or towels.This can be done in a corner spot.Stack a few blankets to make the space more comfortable.You can hide from the enemy team in this way.

Step 10: To make a barrier wall, stack pillows.

If you want to create a large wall for protection, you can use pillows from your bed or couch cushions.Put the pillows on top of each other.You should make several barrier walls to protect yourself.You can hide without being seen and pop up from behind the pillows when you are ready to shoot with the help of your pillow wall.

Step 11: You can make a ceiling by covering your area.

To make a covering for your fort, use a sheet, thin blanket, or comforter.You can drape a blanket over the chairs on either side of the fort.Tucking the blanket around the pillow stacks will keep it in place.You can't see the opposing team if you create a ceiling.

Step 12: You can use your imagination to create whatever you want.

Look around your room to see what else you can use after you have formed your fort.Stack some stools in front for reinforcement, or drape a blanket over the top for extra security.Since this is your own custom Nerf fort, make it as you please.You could put a Nerf gun station on the inside of your fort.You will be prepared to attack this way.

Step 13: Purchase fort boards to build a shelter.

When making a Nerf fort, plastic boards are great.You can buy a fort board kit online that comes with everything you need to make your own, including boards and instructions.If you want to build a fort but aren't allowed to use furniture or blankets, this is a good option.You can reuse the fort boards over and over again.You can use them to make a fort inside or outside.

Step 14: You need to read the building plans to figure out what you want to make.

The instructions for the fort board kit can be followed to build your own structure.You have a few options to choose from.You can use your creativity to assemble whatever you want.If you would like, you can use the instructions.

Step 15: The fort boards can be assembled with the help of the sides of two pieces.

The fort boards have small pieces of plastic that snap into each other.To align the small plastic sections on the side, place 2 boards next to each other.They should be able to snap together.Review your instructions if you are having trouble connecting the boards.

Step 16: If you build your fort boards into cubes, you can easily stack them together.

Attach the boards to a cube shape by securing them with 4 on each side and 1 on the top.The boards should be snapped together on each side.If you want to make a stable foundation out of fort board cubes, this is a great idea.Place the board cubes in a row.

Step 17: If you want to cover a large area, create a wall of fort boards.

Keeping the fort boards flat can be used to make a wall.Instead of creating cubes, connect the fort boards into a 3 ft 5 ft section.This should be placed at the front of the fort to act as a barrier.Use fort board cubes or other items in your house to secure the wall.For an easy-to-construct option, continue creating walls of fort boards.If you want, you can put a wall of fort boards in front of your foundation.

Step 18: Attach the blue hinge pieces to reinforce it.

The blue attachment pieces keep the fort boards in place.Attach the hinge piece to the plastic bar in the middle of the board, and the other end to another board.Whether you are making a wall or securing cubes, you can do this.There is a blue piece between the boards you want to reinforce.If you need assistance, your instructions should have a diagram of how to do it.There is a square plastic cube in the middle of the fort board.The hinge pieces can be secured.

Step 19: Continue to assemble the fort boards to make your ultimate Nerf shelter.

If you want to make your shelter, connect as many boards as you can.Adding finishing touches to your foundation can be done with a combination of cubes and walls.You can make a 5 ft wall to cover 3 sides of your fort.You can stack cubes of fort boards in a square shape.Whatever style of fort you want, use your creativity to assemble it.

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