TheTygon F-4040-A Fuel and Lubricant Tubing is plastic and has a 1-1/8″ ID.

Cleaning and Industrial U.S.The spray bottles that Plastic Corp.® carries are perfect for cleaning.

These round buckets are strong enough to hold nails and protect contents.They have strong reinforcing ribs for strength and a space-saving design that allows pails to nest.

There are many industrial uses for these trays.There are other custom sizes of trays.It is possible to be special ordered.

Light-duty, general purpose work can be performed by these lightweight versions of lab-quality bottles.

All of the shields, table dividers, and office partition are made in the USA.You can request a custom size.

The wide range of flexible Tygon® tubing products are engineered to meet many user specifications.

It is used with gasoline, heating oils, cutting compounds, and glycol-based coolants.Tygon® Fuel and Lubricant Tubing is the most requested fuel and lubricant tubing for a variety of applications.It protects the liquid or vapor being transferred against adulteration.