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I received the pots and pans from the program.The program gave me the stir-fry pan, the Dutch oven, and the large frying pan.Since I brought them home, I have been using them as my main cookware.I need to use spray to prevent them from sticking.I like to cook meat in the frying pan without gravy or oil.I have to do this with my other pans so it doesn't bother me.It is light, which was a complaint of mine.I couldn't pick up the pans one-handed in some of my other pots and pans, which made cooking dangerous.Sometimes it is important to quickly move a pan off of a burner, and sometimes it takes both of your hands to do it.I plan on hanging my pans in my new place because the handles on the pans have holes for it.I haven't thought about how to hang the lids yet, but I suppose I'll do it when I need to.I'm not sure why the handles are hollow, but that doesn't bother me.The handles are not very hot.This is important because a lot of the pans I used to own would heat up while I was slow cooking and I would forget and accidentally burn myself on the handles when I came back.I have not had a problem with the new pans.The pans are warm enough.I don't think there is a problem with them when they heat up, it takes no longer than the other pans I owned.Even with more expensive cookware, they seem to heat evenly when I am cooking.I would highly recommend these pans.If they are for sale, click the link below.

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