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Who are the best math tutors in Toronto

IGCSE Maths 9th to 10th Grades & IB Maths SL 11th to 12th grades “My wife found in google Mr Reddy to be professional, but also extremely warm and engaging.He is able to connect with him students in a way that builds confidence and encourages their development.Our daughter’s grades jumped almost 35% after She started working with Mr Reddy , who is able to look at problems through the student’s eyes and answer their questions in a way that brings the learning full circle.

Many times our daughter took his explanation to a math equation back to her classroom teacher and the whole class was then able to benefit from his clear and concise reasoning and approach to complex math problems.He understanding is so thorough that he can look at and take apart a math problem from many angles so that his students have an opportunity to truly “get it”.Our daughter had many, many moments with Mr Reddy where the “lightbulb” went on and her grasp of the math continually deepened under her tutor.

By the time our daughter graduated from IB Maths SL grade 12, she had a love of math that had not been there previously, and had achieved A* on multiple tests in IGCSE & 7 points in IB Maths SL.This success was in very large part due to the relationship she had with Mr Reddy and the excellent teaching that she received while she was his pupil.With mr reddy help, our daughter always felt fully prepared for test and exams, and he developed a new and motivating confidence in her abilities as a math student.

I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Reddy to anyone interested in a tutor who is reliable, fun, professional and who has the ability to bring clarity and understanding to the subjects he teaches.” IGCSE Maths Home Tutor, Cambridge IGCSE Tutor, Cambridge Edexcel IGCSE, IGCSE Past Paper, Edexcel past papers, Online IGCSE Maths tutor.

Miss Dori is an experienced Math Tutor in Toronto.She tutors online and in-person.She is familiar with the Ontario Math Curriculum and has extensive experience tutoring Math to students in TDSB, the Catholic School system and Private schools such as BSS.

Dori’s specialty is tutoring Math to Grades 6–12 as well as the Spirit of Math program.Dori has a passion for helping students succeed.Many students who are behind or failing when they first start, end up receiving A+’s, Honour Roll recognition, and even University Scholarships!

Obviously this is a highly subjective question but no matter how you’re approaching it I think a strong case for “the best”/most influential/most effective in Toronto could be made either for Dr. John Mighton the individual (John Mighton | JUMP Math), his JUMP Math charitable organization (JUMP Math), or alternately, his highly regarded books “The Myth of Ability” (The Myth Of Ability: John Mighton: 9780887846939: Books) or “The End of Ignorance” (The End of Ignorance: Multiplying Our Human Potential: John Mighton: 9780676979640: Books).On an entirely non-Math related front, I also highly recommend the Robert Lepage movie “Possible Worlds” which is based on Mighton’s award-winning stageplay of the same name, is a hugely underrated Canadian classic, and was the 2nd film I ever worked on professionally.

If your answer is “YES” you are visiting the right website.I have helped hundreds of math students achieve their academic and personal goals.