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Can I get an Oracle DBA job with an MIS degree and an OCP certifikittene in Toronto - Parkers Legacy

Can I get an Oracle DBA job with an MIS degree and an OCP certificate in Toronto

Can you, as in: ‘Is it within the realm of possibility’?Certainly.Many statistically unusual things happen in the world every day.

Is it likely?Not really.I pulled up job listings in Toronto for Oracle DBA positions using Indeed-dot-com.

Grabbing some text from the top seven listings gave me the following: …3+ years of DBA experience……looking for DBA with Oracle and SQL database administration experience……Expertise deploying, configuring, tuning and supporting Oracle RAC……The ideal candidate will have experience with large-scale……6+ years of Oracle DBA in large environment……Minimum 5 years experience (10 prefered)……5+ years Oracle 11g/12c DBA experience…Most companies that use Oracle so do because they have data which is critical to their business stored in it.Someone with DBA privileges can easily destroy the database beyond any possibility of recovery.Even if they do not personally destroy the database, if something else does (i.e.

a fire or natural disaster) — if the DBA has not done a good job of maintaining reliable backups, the database may be unrecoverable.Most ‘new’ Oracle DBAs become administrators after having gained experience working with Oracle in some other capacity — most commonly as a developer.Developers have a much lower level of access to the database (assuming the DBA is any good at their job).