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What makes you frustrated when living in Toronto - Parkers Legacy

What makes you frustrated when living in Toronto

Due to work considerations, I had to live in Toronto for a few years.While I do not enjoy a city lifestyle, Toronto was a fairly good experience.Things that irritated me were: The disappearing green space.

Watched a huge new condo complex go up with zero green space surrounding it.No place for children to play.Planning seems developer driven.

Parks like High Park should be crown jewels but seem neglected.The transit system.While fairly efficient, subways need a through cleaning.

feel icky, especially compared to Europe.Need for parking near suburban subway stations so you can park and ride to downtown core, particularly in winter months.Or at least a loop for passenger drop off.

Airport access has improved greatly.Great that the airport has UP express and Uber are now allowed to pick up at Pearson.What is with the constant horn beeping?

Stopped at intersection by police clearing the way for workers who just repaired a light, drivers who were close enough to see the issue somehow thought leaning on their horns would somehow help us all get home sooner.

I am frustrated by the poor infrastructure, the fact that it takes for ever to repair roads, highways, streetcar tracks, bridges and sidewalks or to construct a subway line.Sometimes the same job is done twice because it wasn’t done properly in the first place.Traffic congestion is terrible weekdays and weekends.

Road rage is scary and little seems to be done about aggressive, impatient drivers.Seems everyone is always in a hurry.Provincial leadership is inept and more problems are created than resolved.

No one seems to pay attention to the number or the style of buildings and condos constructed.Our city, especially buildings near the waterfront are dense with sameness.We seem to lack the aesthetic that other cities have taken the time to create and implement.

That the city is the province’s plaything.Queen’s Park will promise all kinds of support for Toronto under a Liberal government, only to mindlessly meddle and slash when Conservatives are trying to please their small-town and suburban supporters.

Not a heck of alot.Everything is fairly close.It depends on the area you are in as well.

Most Toronto neighbourhoods are fairly well set up and there is usually everything you need close to where you live.My biggest issue if any would be having to take the TTC (Toronto Transit System).I find it to be very dirty, expensive and very unreliable especially the streetcars!

Toronto police lay charges in fatal shooting of 25-year-old man – The Star Toronto police lay charges in fatal shooting of 25-year-old man — The Star Three males shot in North Etobicoke We received a letter yesterday from school that, there was lockdown because somebody has brought gun to the school.Cops were called and student is arrested.Can you feel a parents fear for 2–3 hours lockdown when nobody is allowed to go inside the school nor outside?

Do you think our children and we need to suffer this pain?

The traffic

Omg .Traffic .401 always packed due to ongoing construction on many of the highways .


to many people