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What screams Im upper class in Toronto - Parkers Legacy

What screams Im upper class in Toronto

In my view, Toronto is a land of immigrants; it was once upon a time, a blue blood Canadian city; they have moved and took their Maple Leaf flag with them.Now we have a lot of other flags and some more to come.We have a small kingdom and named it Greater Toronto Area, Toronto.The blue blood had been moving out of Toronto slowly, but inevitably, low countries raised their flags.Old money may have mega castles behind the walls or trees, circular driveways, bedrooms that can accommodate ten people on the bed — dining rooms to supply a suitable size wedding party.I am in Real Estate/Property Management/Construction Business/ recently bought a kitchen that came out of such a villa/castle/mansion.

The granite is so rich and thick; present-day granite looks a joke.These counter pieces are so extensive, we could easily make four modern good size kitchen and still be some leftover.One day in the middle of the night, I got a call from a real estate agent: First, I did not want to pick it up, but second thought I did.He said: Can you do me a favor??

?I said: It depends, He said: Can you get one brand new kitchen about 80000 dollars, pull out of the brand new house before 9 AM, and do not worry about it.It is all your for at a throw-away price.The reason the lady, the buyer, would not sign until that kitchen is out: She does not like Cherry wood.

Obviously it was not a shack in the goonies, most of the people will see such a house/villa on T.V.shows.Rest of the story is more interesting, it was about midnight, yes I called my close team, and the kitchen was out in our trucks much before 9 AM, well you the length/breadth/height some old money.

Such stories do not happen every day, but when it happens, it happens, and I get to see the internal system of their brain mechanism.Sure there are hugely respected neighborhoods, but I know a few occupants there.I do not believe they are that high ups and classy.

One such family was invited to the wedding reception of my son, and it was a family of six.The present they gave to the bride and bridegroom was enough to cover the rent for the table/chair/linen/decoration.The point is: I know this family just stumbled upon some good luck; it is not the old money.They moved to a prestigious old neighborhood, but at heart, they are just the same day to day people.

In case fifty dollars gift for close to 1000 dollars for that table of six, why not.It is way: Some new riches show why not.I have heard this from the waters and waitress, they tell me, it does not mean a rich customer will leave a rich tip.

Sometimes an ordinary-looking person shocks you with the tip.I do not believe there is any: Upper Class in Toronto, sure blue blood(Ultra Rich), but they do not mix with the red blood or see them on the streets or at Longos or clipping coupons at MacDonald or Travelling two for one deal.How about Westons, Reichmann’s and other vast and glorious names???, Has any Torontonians seen them in day to day life here.Good luck.

FYI: For example, Royal Bank of Canada or similar another chartered bank may CIBC or whatever, dig deeper and deeper, may a few families Canadian Families may find most of it.And a very high priced smart team of accountants showed them to keep quiet, split among the family members, and do not make too much noise.Live on the mountains of the European Alps, or where ever your heart desires, and you get your monthly stipends in any currency you want.

And when you want to entertain Prince Charles and Camilla and want to play a friendly polo match, no problem.No one will ever find they were here.In my view: There are only two classes, extreme poverty and middle class; the mega-rich does not count.

They may have an address here or mansion/estate but live somewhere else.This is a perfect Bell shape distribution of wealth, this is a perfect world.In Toronto: This Bell shape is skewed, either extreme poverty in some areas or extreme richness in some areas.

Therefore: All you see middle class all over Toronto> For a guy and his new bride, who came with a few hundred Canadian dollars, and a big dream, on a rainy night at the Toronto International Airport, and nowhere to go.Toronto gave us everything, For us: Toronto is everything, Happiness comes through doing small things, huge money does not bring huge happiness.I have seen and met a very happy middle class and I have met/seen miserable/cheap some so-called rich (upper class) also.

All in Toronto.This child our son’s this moment is the happiest, he believes his mom and dad are the best.We are day to day, very ordinary people, but for us and our child, we are on cloud nine.

For our child, we were the wealthiest, even with small things.This will stay in his memory for the rest of his life, that my parents with limited means loved me.I remember my parents for all the small things and sacrifices for me.

Fast Forward: From just two of us, the family expanded.Once food/shelter/clothing needs are met, rest is all bonus, believe me, hamburger still will taste the same.Enjoy the moment, once basic needs are done, rest is a bonus.

I have worked with almost every nationality in the world, I found Filpino are the happiest of all.They do not go for fancy/big-ticket items, live within their means, and enjoy even the things which may look small to others.Such as going to church, meeting friends and going out for a meal and their favorite Karaoke.

In my books, Filipinos are the best in Toronto I believe they found the true Nirvana.Certain myths: Expensive cars are not indicators of richness or class, in some maybe but in stupidity, it is a sign of stupidity.Big house more than needed and stretching to your limit is a sign of stupidity and not richness.Expensive clothes more than your pocket can afford is a sign of stupidity.Dangling jewelry/expensive watches/ more than needed is a sign of stupidity.Sending the kid to a private school is no assurance of success either, it could either way.A kid may be from a wealthy family in his/her parents’ circle but when he/she goes to a bigger and better circle.

He/she realizes that there are bigger sharks in the tank, From here he/she either may become a star or a bum by being depressed.

Here are some simple everyday things that you can do to join the ranks of the privileged.Drink only Starbucks.Never be caught dead at the other popular coffee chain that sounds like Jimmy’s.Shop for groceries only at Whole Foods.

Don’t look at the price- you’ll lose your appetite.Drive a Porsche/ BMW or any ecologically friendly alternative like a Tesla vs a regular Japanese or Korean brand.Holiday at Jamaica, Hawaii or Mexico never ever Cuba.Drink Henessey/ Cognac or single Malts.Only craft beer none of that buck a beer stuff.Go Vegan.Just going vegetarian won’t do.Apple not Android.Spend summer weekends at The Cottage or on The YachtShop at the Bay/ Nordstrom.Get braces, botox or a nip and a tuck at 40.Now you’re all set to party hard.

Let the good times roll.Edit:I really didn’t expect so many views and upvotes on this light-hearted post.Thank you kindly!

Please feel free to comment and add your fun ideas on how to feel wealthy for a day: Remember we don’t judge the ‘nouveau riche’ or the middle class or those with no money for that matter.Caveat*My comments in this article are not meant to be taken literally for instance drinking Starbucks will not literally tell people that you are super rich* I felt obliged to post this in response to some interesting messages that I have received after putting up a humorous post.It makes me a little sad that there are more and more people who can only take everything literally.

Also, not everyone can be on this list of the richest families in Canada as per Bloomberg 2019 _ numbers are on the global index.

I think your home would do that.All homes in Toronto are expensive, with ranch bungalows from the 1950’s going for $1 mil or close to it.But there are still homes that can drop jaws.

If you invite friends over for a barbecue in this place, and if yours is the only family occupying it, you are upper class — at least financially.Cars can help.But so many cars these days aren’t designed as audaciously as those in past decades.

This recent model Cadillac looks pretty much like any other car, on the surface.Whereas, this vintage Cadillac looked supremely upper class.So, I don’t think the make of car will do it.

There are no upper class accents in Toronto, or Canada.99% of the public doesn’t care what school you went to and probably hasn’t heard of many of the upper class schools or colleges.Everyone likes to dress casually these days so spectacular dress probably wouldn’t work.

But the size of your home will do it.And it has to be placed in either Rosedale, Forest Hill or the Bridle Path.Those are the traditionally upper class enclaves of Toronto.

If you try to have a home like that in Scarborough or Etobicoke people will know that you bought a middle class home and renovated it to look upper class.

In my years of real estate appraisal my firm did major work on estate planning, tax matters etc.Obviously, my clients had major assets.Every year when the Report on Business was published, I checked the names and never did my client base fall below 50% of the named richest Canadians.

Some of these people became friends and I was invited into their circles.The one thing that stands out the most, their generosity.These people are major givers, they support the hospitals, the arts, and so much of Canadian culture.

I feel proud to enter a hospital and see a wing named after someone whom I know, having worked for them.I have attended many of the charity events.Yes, giving is good for tax savings but going for lunch or sitting on a committee with the elite, most are genuine and truly care about the cause.

A close family member suffers from Chrohns.I was on a committee with some people who would be considered very upper class.They were genuine, they were intense and they were caring.

Being in the charity world one meets major names.Few are snobs, most are charming and very easy to speak with.They are informed and share views.

Barriers fell years ago, multi-ethnic culture mixes today in elite circles.And those lists they publish each year of who are the richest Canadians is laughable.Being in real estate I know many billionaires who are very much under the radar and they prefer it that way.

They never make lists and many live modest lives given their wealth.

The other answers are good, but seem to focus on affluence.At least for myself, I still perceive a difference between someone who is rich and someone who is upper class.I’d be curious to hear from fellow Canadians whether this definition still applies.

Upper class, in the traditional Canadian definition, would be restricted to certain old families, often tracing to British or Loyalist origin—and never French, who were discriminated against in early Canada.As such, very few Canadians would be considered upper class.Perhaps they have a Governor General in their past, or somesuch.

They’d likely have attended private schools like Upper Canada College.As a practical example, it would seem odd to call Rob Ford upper class, despite having, likely, been a multi-millionaire.

In Toronto, you’re upper class if: You either live in The Bridal Path, Rosedale, Forest Hill, Hogg’s Hollow, Sunnybrook, Lawrence Park North, and York Mills.

Which are the most affluent neighbourhoods in Toronto.Living in an area that is going through gentrification (Parkdale, Leslieville).Shopping either at Yorkdale or Sherway Gardens, which have become high end shopping centres.Also shopping at Yorkville, which is Canada’s prestigious and expensive neighbourhood.Driving a flashy sports car.Attended a private school or have children attending private school over public school.Shopping either at Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Harry Rosen, and Pusateri’s.This is just to name a few things that screams I’m upper class here in Toronto.

What screams “I’m upper class” in Toronto?You live in Rosedale.So has your family for generationsYour home in Rosedale is on a private roadYou attended Upper Canada CollegeYou attended university at OxfordYou belong to the Royal Canadian Yacht ClubYour family’s name is on either a plaque or pew at St James’ CathedralYou descend from 18th century landowners who inhabited the city when it was still called YorkYou shop in YorkVILLE, never YorkDALEYou’re a member of the Toronto Club.

Not having to scream “upper class”.Met a couple at a party in Toronto, pleasant older people, guy dressed like my neighbour going to a work, wife probably did her own hair, no makeup.Found out later they had nailed down the Canadian royalties on a large number of popular Asian brands and were probably among the richest in Toronto.

My daughter found the same thing when she was a teenager.Worked at a top rated golf course.After being there for a couple months she asked me why it’s the guy who is driving the Toyota sedan who has all the money while it’s the guy with the flashy car, wife, watch who were the ones who couldn’t pay their membership dues.

I have to disagree with most of the answers here.Nothing “screams I’m upper class” in Toronto because the upper class here is actually rather modest.Upper class people may live in Rosedale and send their kids to private schools, but they are typically not flashy with their cars and homes.

That’s more of a trait you find with the “new money” crowd.

There aren’t much of “classes” in Canada in the first place.What screams “I am rich and stupid” is easier to define.Botox jobs on a 25-year-old.VapingDriving an outrageously expensive Italian sports car downtown.The truly rich and “upper class” you will never see or hear of.

They know how to live their lives quietly, surrounded by friends, colleagues, and family.You can sometimes see them in the first-class lounge at the airport, they tend to fly business class.

Wear Expensive shoes at all times, expensive purses for ladies, children goes to expensive private schools, shop at Holt Renfrew and Nordstrom, Gucci and Cartier jewellery, live in Rosedale at the very least, a weekly gardener, a live in maid/cook, drive an expensive car (not a Lexus), clothes folded much like those in the drawers of a Harry Rosen store, walk in closets, eat organics, free range and drink flavoured water, own a cottage by the lake, the pet dog is always well groomed, Starbucks well groomed at all times when up, bed linens are ironed just like the hotel ones are, men’s shirts are sent out for laundering, come back mechanically ironed and folded.

etc etc,

Thanks for the A2A.I don’t know.I try to stay away from Toronto at all costs.

An address on the Bridle Path, or in Rosedale or in Forrest Hill.Membership in the Granite Club and the Royal Canadian Yacht Club.

You live in Lawrence and Bayview area, young members of your family go to Hillfield Strathallan College School shit.You drive an Acura oh yea BMW or Lexus.You shop at Bayview Village shops.

When you send your kids to schools like Crescent School, Upper Canada College etc When you live in Old Forest Hill ..I’m sure I can come up with a hundred other references…