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What should I do to survive my daily office commute on Hwy 401 - Parkers Legacy

What should I do to survive my daily office commute on Hwy 401

What should I do to survive my daily office commute on Hwy 401

Think of it as an opportunity to learn more.Forget music – it’s nice, sometimes, but, useless if you do it all the time (OK, my personal opinion only).Switch to podcasts or audiobooks (I prefer the former due to their smaller “digestible” size and variety of topics).

You can find high-quality podcasts on ANY topic these days.Download onto your phone (I use the Overcast app) and listen as you drive.With the amount of hours you spend on commuting, in about a year, you can probably accumulate a university semester’s worth of knowledge on any topic you choose.

(Bonus tip: I use 1.5x or 2x speed on most podcasts, other than those I use to learn foreign languages – this crams up to twice as much information you can absorb into the same timeline).I miss commuting on a train – that gave me an option to use my laptop as well.

I used to work with a guy who lived in Burlington and worked in Scarborough.His trick for driving the 401 was to drive in the middle lane.Now to explain, the 401 is 7 lanes.

Sometimes it is three in the collector and four in the Express or three in the Express and four in the collector.So he would pick whatever lane that what was in the middle of the seven lanes .Incidentally, he drove from Burlington to Scarborough and back for over twenty years.

He was very analytical (and quite a nice guy. )

Get an electric car.I found that knowing that my gas was being wasted standing still (or slowing down) added to my stress immeasurably.Getting an electric car gave me a whole new dimension to driving.

I got a volt, which adds even more challenge – how much distance can I get before the gas motor kicks in?Now slowing down is charging up my batteries.Driving slowly is conserving energy.

Good news is coming soon!I have heard and read many news on the province plan on easing the transportation hassle in GTA especially Toronto.What I do most time is to take the subway train.

However, it depends on where you reside.

Stop letting it get to you.You have no control over the traffic or construction or accidents so stop expending energy on them.Listen to relaxing music.

Breath deeply.Find a calming mantra & repeat it over & over.

If you are driving then, focus on driving safely and if you are not driving then, catch up on your sleep .