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Whats a livable salary in Toronto - Parkers Legacy

Whats a livable salary in Toronto

Depends where abouts in Toronto you want to live and whether you want to live in a basement apartment or rent a condo- ~ 30,000$ per year Probably or Own a house in midtown or a condo in downtown.

200,000$ Per year give or take Or if you want to commute 45 min- 120,000$ Give or take a bit 60min- 80,000$ but probably less depending on spending habits etc.. Scarborough and Etobicoke are probably cheapest while midtown and downtown would be more expensive.. also it would depend on your culture as certain cultures congregate in different areas – while still being mixed a bit of course..

Just to get a nice apartment in downtown toronto, a decent car, and new clothes every month with 5 times outing or restaurant dinner or lunch going to cost you around 80 k to 100k a year.