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What are the cultural differences between Vancouver and Toronto - Parkers Legacy

What are the cultural differences between Vancouver and Toronto

I lived in Vancouver and worked extensively in Vancouver and Toronto, but only for a few years.Within the same company, I found the Toronto people quite rude, stressed, self-absorbed, and back-stabbing, as well as clingy and insular.One in fact ended up causing me to leave.

Within the company’s Vancouver office, there was a lot of this same culture.But it had a poor reputation in the city for its work conditions and some of the ‘characters’.I found many people elsewhere in Vancouver most chilled out.

I became fond of the North West and would gladly move back there.One guy descried Toronto people as being more similar to New York (I have absolutely no experience of this, so have to imagine).He gave a really good example, whilst at a Toronto based networking event.

He noticed people he spoke with would quickly assess whether YOU could help THEM, and have no interest in what they could do for you.I’m sure that happens in all cities, including Vancouver, but he said it was noticeably evident and consistent in his experience.

Toronto is fundamentally everyone from everywhere, whereas Vancouver is pretty much only 3 groups of people (White, Chinese, and Sikhs).