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Who are the best growth hackers in Toronto - Parkers Legacy

Who are the best growth hackers in Toronto

There must be a few folks in Toronto doing this work for FreshBooks (product), Wave Financial, Wattpad.com (website), Eloqua (product), 500px (website) and others.There are an emerging group that includes: UserMax CameronMichael Litt / Devon GallowayNikolai BratkovskiUser-11435008211837031215Marlon RodriguesUser-11914707349737803462 (now in Singapore)Sachin MongaAmrita MathurCraig Miller at Shopify (product)There has to be someone at Xtreme Labs given Chamath Palihapitiya is spending more time there Sunir ShahOleg Gutsol / Andrey TochilinI’m sure there are others.

What’s a growth hacker?Is that someone who has experience scaling applications?

Some others to consider:Mitch Solway (ClearFit)Neil Bhapkar (FlightNetwork)David Singh (Kira Talent)