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Who are the best VCs in Toronto - Parkers Legacy

Who are the best VCs in Toronto

Venture Capital firms in Toronto Canopy RiversRadical VenturesGolden VenturesPortag3 VenturesInovia CapitalLuge CapitalAwz VenturesGeorgian PartnersRipple VenturesEmerald Technology VenturesInformation Venture PartnersArcTern VenturesPanache VenturesThank you

We track over 8,000 venture capital investors globally, and in Toronto I have identified 103 that are active in the tech sector, and 62 that are active in the life sciences.

Top investors in Toronto by activity include Business Development Bank of Canada, Growthworks and JLA Ventures.

Here is a list of VCs in Toronto as a google spreadsheet (can be edited by anyone).

https://docs.google.com/a/staff.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ArG719HDHqXmdDNBUEtJTVdjTWJQZVdEWWtpUHZ5LVE#gid=0 There are over 65 VCs in Toronto on this list

We’ve been happily working with Matt Golden (Golden Venture Partners), and Derek Smyth + Bram Sugarman (OMERS Ventures).

I highly recommend both funds to any entrepreneur looking to raise capital in Toronto!