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Is biking in Toronto safe - Parkers Legacy

Is biking in Toronto safe

Generally speaking, I would say if you are someone who is alert and aware of your surroundings it can be safe if you use your wits.However, with it being a big city and all with all sorts of drivers out there, it can also be very dangerous at times.Check out this article to read more about what it can be like to give you a better sense, its from blog.to.

Depends a lot on when you expect to be riding, what times, where, how good the bike lanes are, what season, how busy it is etc…things like this.Construction is a real problem here and seems never ending and everywhere at times, not sure if its like this in other places.Driving downtown can be a nightmare at times so I can imagine its probably crazy for bikes too.

It really depends where you want to go.If you use the waterfront trails or one of the streets with dedicated paths its pretty safe.

One thing is really unsafe if you are not familiar with them, are the streetcar tracks.If they are wet they are as slippery as ice.I learned the hard way and had a shoulder injury that lingered on for over year.

The arterial roads tend to be dangerous as there is just too much stuff going on, and many have parked cars along the side to watch for as well.Try to find quiet streets or dedicated bike lanes.

With well-publicized exceptions, it’s safe enough for cyclists, by and large.

It’s riskier for the pedestrians whose sidewalks they ride on and the subway and bus riders whose space they intrude on.

As a non-driver and non-cyclist, I wish both cars and bikes would respect my right of way.

Yes, extremely so… the City is very bicycle friendly.Still, you have the be viliglent.It’s a fast paced city.

Yes.It’s very safe.Use the bike lanes, bike trails and respect the law.