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Is CN Tower in Toronto worth visiting - Parkers Legacy

Is CN Tower in Toronto worth visiting

I will say yes it’s worth while to visit CN tower at least once.

You will definitely amazed by CN tower during your first visit due to below reasons: Riding a glass-enclosed elevator 346 meters up to the LookOut, or 447 meters to the SkyPod, is THE thing to do.

It’s exciting to be that far up, way above all of Toronto’s skyscrapers.You can have a 360 view of Toronto and Lake OntarioSee the Sunset from height along with all the lights of downtown and skyscrapers its worth to visit onceIf you are a fan of adventure you can go there for Edge walkI was thrilled when I was standing on Glass floor and looking down from CN tower so once in a life you should go there for this amazing feelingAnother reason to go there is to Enjoy the food in 360 Restaurant with an outside amazing view from the tallest tower.I hope you will go there at least once.

I was born an have lived in Toronto for 56 years.Going up the CN tower is a very standard, but overpriced attraction.One of the most important consideration is visability.

How far you can see, depends on cloud cover, rain, and snow.Low visibility, if a complete waste of energy, you might as well run a hot shower and stick you head into the fog.If you choose to go up the tower, one of the best options is having lunch in the revolving restaurant.

I live in Toronto and I would say the CN Tower is worth visiting.I was just there 5 days ago.The CN Tower offers the most spectacular views of Toronto and Lake Ontario stretching to the horizon – on a clear day visibility can be over 160km (100miles).

This was an awesome experience.


It is Toronto’s landmark; was for a long time the tallest free standing structure in the world; scene is great; walk on glass overlooking the ground- kind of scary; reserve lunch or dinner at the 360 revolving restaurant and entrance is free.

Ripleys Aquarium is at the base as well other attractions; walking distance to downtown and Lakeshore.

I visited in November 2019 and met several visitors from around the world that were equally impressed with the height and views from the CN Tower.Not many people know this, but on a clear day you can look towards Niagara Falls and see the mist rising from the falls.

Do you like the idea of being able to see all of Greater Toronto from a very high place?If so, then it will be worth it.If you are afraid of heights, definitely not worth it.