Toxicity, side effects, diseases, and…what is oligofructose?


Fructose, also known as fructooligosaccharides, is a type of indigestible carbohydrate composed largely of fruit sugar.It is a type of plant-based fiber known as inulin, which means that it doesn’t break down in the human body.oligofrucose is a food source for gutbacteria.

Many of the health benefits associated with prebiotics can be found in oligofructose.These include helping in weight loss.There have been many recorded side effects to oligofructose.

Good and bad gutbacteria can be nourished by the same prebiotics.Klebsiella, a particular strain ofbacteria, has been linked to an increase in the incidence of a condition known as “leaky gut”, in which the lining of the small gut is damaged andbacteria enter the bloodstream.On top of Klebsiella’s links to urinary tract and lung infections, there are other conditions.

In addition to Klebsiella, oligofructose is believed to cause overgrowth of other bacterial strains.There are a variety of GI problems that can be caused by an unbalanced gut bacteria.It has been found that taking more than 10 g of oligofructose a day can lead to excessive flatulence.

Some people are more vulnerable to the negative health effects of oligofructose.There are people with allergies who fall under this category.A small amount of oligofructose can cause people to get sick.Irritable bowel syndrome and fructose malabsorption are sensitive to FODMAPs.

Inulin can cause anaphylactic reactions in people with food allergies.The most severe kind of allergic reaction is anaphylaxis, which causes vomiting, lightheadedness, low blood pressure, and throat or tongue swelling.If left unattended, anaphylaxis can be fatal.

When consumed in amounts that exceed 10 g a day, it can harm the bicyle.The negative effects of oligofructose are more pronounced in sensitive individuals.

In mass-manufactured foods, oligofructose can be found as a sugar substitute.

The best way to avoid oligofructose is to not eat any of the above mentioned foods.It’s possible to limit your consumption if you struggle with completely cutting these foods out of your diet.

The growth of bad gutbacteria can be caused by the indigestible oligofructose.If you have too much badbacteria, you can end up with a lot of issues in the GI tract.

The effects are more pronounced for people with FODMAP allergies.

There is a risk of anaphylaxis for people with food allergies to inulin.

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