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When other people write reviews about their buying experiences online, the rest of this page will be an accounting of my first purchase from the company.

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I always try to do my due diligence when buying from companies that I haven’t previously bought from before, especially when I’m talking about buying medication for a pet!

The price at my local vet for a half a year’s supply of Trifexis was close to $100 a month, so I knew I had to find somewhere that sold it for less than that.

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I wanted to be careful before buying because I had never heard of them.The majority of people take the time to write a review only when they are disappointed in an item or service, so I was pleasantly surprised that what I found was mostly good.

It was important for the company to provide excellent customer service in case there were problems with shipping or if I had any questions.They operate out of Australia, which isn’t exactly across the street.As long as responses come in a reasonable amount of time, I find it understandable that correspondence with the company is achieved via email.