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Are almost all jobs in Ottawa bilingual English and French What is the percentage - Parkers Legacy

Are almost all jobs in Ottawa bilingual English and French What is the percentage

Definitely not all jobs.Most of them (at private companies, for example) would be English speaking, I would say.Of course, if you are talking government jobs, a lot of them require bilingualism.

For government jobs, federal government would require at least B-B-B biligualism (in the Public Commission Language Examination), with more and more requiring C-C-C A is introductory, B is basic understanding, C is fluency, E is perfect bilingualism.Three parts of the test for Reading, Writing, Speaking.Provincial and Municipal Government would also require a certain level of bilingualism, but I am not sure how it is enforced.I know municipal law requires bilingualism and will train its employees accordingly if they do not have the expertise.

Bilingualism Policy Also Ontario provincial law requires Ottawa to be able to provide service in French.Language policies of Canada’s provinces and territories Also, keep in mind that Ottawa has a very vast territory.If you are working in Orléans, or Vanier, I would recommend French.

If you are working in Kanata or Nepean, probably not.In the Byward Market, you get all sorts of companies and jobs.Finally, if it is a client facing job, know that Gatineau is just accross the bridge, so you get a lot of Québécois crossing the border.

Most will speak English, but it always help to make the client feel at home!So even though not all jobs require bilingualism, you are in a bilingual city.The map above is only a map of mother-tongue residents and not jobs, but I think it is a good indicator of what you can expect interms of jobs.