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Are there any good legal services for a startup in Vancouver - Parkers Legacy

Are there any good legal services for a startup in Vancouver

There are several firms that are startup-friendly.Stikeman is a good choice.I’ve heard good things about Miller Titerle, though I have no personal experience with them.

My advice is a) don’t choose anyone unless you can speak to somebody you trust who has used them successfully, and b) be sure you establish a personal rapport with your counsel and that she/he knows what business priorities are.Also: be careful of the big firms.They often don’t even realize themselves how expensive they are, and it’s pretty common to get a nasty bill you weren’t expecting.

If you decide on a particular subject you need future advice on, the Canadian Bar Association, offers a service on finding a lawyers specializing in a particular area of law.You call them, briefly describe your needs (e.g.”I need a specialist in international taxation for individuals”) and they give you the name and phone number of a lawyer near you.

Labarge Weinstein is your go-to startup law firm in Vancouver.They know and want startup clients.If you email James Smith there directly he’d probably be happy to talk.