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Do Canadian airports really have cannabis bins - Parkers Legacy

Do Canadian airports really have cannabis bins

I would imagine so.A last ditch effort by the ever so friendly and helpful CBSA employees to remind all of us Canadians one last time to ditch any doobies, edibles, buds, grinders, and roaches before going abroad.We’re just friendly folk up here for the most part.

A lot of the time we don’t really think of things the same way that other less evolved countries do.For instance, I almost always have 2 very important tools on me.One is my jackknife and the other is my flip blade.

A fillet knife and a razor knife get added to those depending on the season.Anyways, I always carry them with me to the airport.I never even remember that this happens every time.

So I get to the metal detectors and I drop fron 2 to 4 blades in it.CBSA always laughs and reminds me that some places think those are trouble.

Yup The last time I was in Montreal on the trip home I had to do a 30 minute con call before I went through security, I noticed that I had randomly chosen a spot just across from the cannabis amnesty bin.

In the time I watched I estimate that 40–60 people stopped, took their phones out and took a picture of the bin and moved on.

Here’s a photo of a cannabis disposal bin at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

Yes, indeed, some airport’s are equipped with cannabis bins.These are there in the best interest of the traveler.