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How do I get started becoming a realtor in Vancouver without prior knowledge or contacts

First you need to be sure that you can pass the language proficiency requirement.If not I would hire an ESL tutor to get your language skills up to spec before starting the tests.To become a realtor in BC, you need to be a licensed real estate agent from the Real Estate Council of BC.

To do that you need to take two courses (in order): 1.Real Estate Trading Services Licensing Course offered as a correspondence course at UBC 2.Residential or Commercial Trading Services Applied Practice Course, which must be completed within 6 months of completion of your Licensing Course.

You then need to start applying to brokerages and find one that will accept you.After that, you want to have the brokerage you are going to work for to sign your application for licensing.It is important to note that the brokerage must be part of your local real estate board.

The last part to becoming a realtor is to join a real estate board in your area.For example if you live in West Vancouver, you would join the West Vancouver Real Estate board.After this you will want to start working for your brokerage.

Most likely you will only be given smaller deals at the start until you progress your way through.If you aren’t sure how to start from scratch with no network I would recommend reaching out to your friends and family and see if they know anyone currently buying houses.

My husband and I picked up and moved to Austin from the NYC area with no contacts to speak of, except my aunt and uncle here, but other than that no friends or other family.We put $10M in real estate under contract last year, our first year here, so success without an existing sphere of influence is certainly possible.Of course, you have to pass the legal requirements, take the classes, and get a license.

That’s the relatively easy part.The hard part is learning your market and finding clients.Here’s what we did.

1.Interview with several companies until you find a fit.Prioritize a good company culture, strong mentors and a good training program for new agents.

Ignore claims about incoming leads.Do not make your decision based off of which company gets the most website traffic.2.

Drive, drive, drive and take notes.We started by learning every building in downtown Austin.We drove the streets and memorized what order the streets ran in west to east.

We wrote down every high rise and mid-rise building.We made a powerpoint with the following, and quizzed each other.-Building photo-Building name-Exact Address-Number of units-Year built-Condo or rental?-Architect-Developer It took us two weeks to know Downtown cold.

Then we started familiarizing ourselves with other areas, not as intensely, admittedly.Learning one submarket, downtown, gave us something to fall back on, though.When we got into a conversation with new clients, at the very LEAST we could talk about downtown like pros, if nothing else.

3.Preview properties.As soon as we had an active license hanging with a brokerage, we started previewing properties.

It didn’t matter if the home was $2M and we had no clients to speak of.We went to see it anyway.The magical thing was then when we did have our first million dollar client call us, we could speak intelligently about the housing stock in the area they were interested in, despite not ever having closed a $1M deal in Austin.

4.Find clients.We found clients in all kinds of places.

We went to a young professional networking event our first week and met friends, who welcomed us into a huge, informal social club of sorts.We did many transactions with these new friends last year.We held open houses at other people’s listings, and turned many buyers who came through into our clients.

(No one ever purchased the house we had open on the spot, so don’t expect this.This will probably be the most awesome thing that ever happened to me if it ever happens.)We advertised on Trulia and Zillow (I actually would no longer recommend this due to some policy changes at Zillow that have made this much less effective than it used to be.

Send me a message if you want more details.But about 30% of our business came from Zillow, so I’d be remiss not to mention it.)We made friends waiting in line to go into a Johnny Walker tasting, friend that we did THREE transactions with last year.

I called For Sale By Owners and picked up several listings that way.And then many of the unrepresented buyers who came to see my listings became buyers of other properties.It’s great to have a sphere of influence and do all your business by referral.

In fact, I’d go further and call it a luxury.It’s possible to be very successful with no existing sphere, you just have to think creatively and get VERY comfortable socializing with strangers.Good luck!

I hope this helps!Please feel free to send me a message here on Quora or on my Zillow Profile.

First go to the best local office you can find.Do a bit of research on this.You might know of a local top producer or two.

Which office are they with?Your purpose here is to learn a few things about the business and what realtors actually do.The office manager should be willing to spend some time with you.

You want to know if a real estate career is even right for you, because it’s not for everyone.You might even come up with a plan about which area or type of product you’d like to specialize in.Second, get your real estate license.

It’s not very difficult but it will take time.You should know how long it will take because you want to make the most of the time it takes.In addition to learning the material taking the course you should be mapping out some practical steps.

What uu want to do is create a business plan.Who are you going to market to?What marketing material do you want to use?

Set up a budget.There’s lots of ways to spend money marketing your services.What you need to know is that you’re getting into the business of lead generation.

What are the best ways to generate leads for you?Figure that out and pursue 3-4 methods.You may want to do research on pricing in the areas that you want to work in.

It’s good to start with a basic knowledge of the type of product and pricing of the area you want to work in.Start thinking about why people move into these areas.What about schools?

What are the amenities?

Most Realtors who became Realtors start out by asking themselves the same question.Soon they find out that the place to get the requisite information is to approach The Real Estate Board in your city.They will give you the necessary information.

The course to get licensed is generally 2 to 6 months long.In some cities you can do it part time.You’ll also need a Real estate broker to sponsor you.

For that you go to any real estate company and ask to be sponsored.Most of them will take you on in a heart beat as they make money whenever you make a sale.Remember you don’t get wages as a realtor.

It’s all commission based.

Three words – find a mentor.In my company – sorry, we are in San Francisco – we actually seek out newbies with promise to train and mentor so they do things the right way and learn how to become successful.Otherwise you’re going to have a very tough road because people don’t want to hire those with little or no experience.

Figure out what skillsets you might have that would be appealing to someone in the real estate industry and then approach companies.

In the USA, you don’t become a realtor over night but start as a real estate sales person.The term Realtor is reserved for members of the Broad of Realtors.That being said, no one came to this world with prior knowledge of any profession unless you are the Dalai Lama.

Go take some classes, past the test, and voila, you are ready.Real estate companies are always looking for fresh blood and offer free classes.

No one is born knowing anything, so I would get out there and start to learn about Real Estate.There are College courses, online courses and many books on the subject.

First, you would be at a distinct disadvantage in a very competitive industry.The best way would be to work as an assistant to and agent and learn more about the industry.

Find a real estate agency that wants to expand.Mentor under a top closer and help them with their daily tasks.

Become a franchise of real estate business service provider which gives you the training to start your business as a realtor.